Five Simple Things (September 9) Measure 114 Discussed


Before getting into this week's five things, I would like to share something first:

My thoughts on Measure 114, from the mind of mental health struggles:

Please consider donating to the two victims of our state's recent mass shooting in Bend, Oregon, on August 28, 2022 (my forty-fifth birthday). Safeway is a great grocery store and no community should suffer with the loss of life through gun violence, especially those shopping for groceries on a Sunday evening. We all have our thoughts on gun control, but everyone can agree that guns in the hands of the wrong people is an issue in the nation that needs to be addressed. Please click on the links here and here to help out these families in the midst of their suffering. Bend is two hours from our current location in the Willamette Valley and it has hit us just as hard here as it has in Bend. Along with the mass shootings that have occurred here in Oregon since 1977, over 35 people have died by guns in the hands of the wrong people that should never have had a weapon in the first place. This latest mass shooting, although the gunman was stopped, his intentions were there and needed to be addressed. 

Most of these gunman, if not all of them here in Oregon, as well as nationwide suffer from some sort of mental health issue/illness. As someone that suffers myself, there are currently measures in place to stop these type of actions in some of these shootings, but they aren't enough. 

Our midterms are coming up in November and a measure is being pushed through to help with this. Measure 114 will help stop a loose loophole in our current gun laws that will help someone rethink their intentions in getting a gun to do harm to others, and themselves. My mental health issues are not those that want to hurt others, but definitely have disassociation to where I want to harm myself. Suicide is never an answer to any problem, but Measure 114 would help someone like me to rethink our intentions of suicide, especially by gun. While many people are thinking of themselves and their guns, and taking Measure 114 personally, law abiding gun owners should have no issue with the new measure being put forth to save someone like me from making a permanent mistake and taking my own life, because of how easy it is for me, right now to get a gun and give in to my suicidal thoughts. Please consider this when voting this coming November. And, if you still feel like the measure is not something you agree with, my question to you is, when does it become personal to you? What will it take to help you see that Measure 114 is very personal to me and my family, why isn't it personal to you and yours? Close that loophole and save mine and others lives from loose gun control that's killing people every day. 

Thank you for taking the time to read this. Although I am just one person, hopefully my words will affect someone enough to take into consideration this side of Measure 114. Gun ownership is a privilege and should be treated as such. No one needs a firearm to survive in this world, but everyone that owns one, should go through the proper steps to have and maintain that privilege.

Image below is from our local Safeway during our shopping 
trip this week. I made sure to tell every employee I passed 
that we are thinking of them and we love them.
And now, here are five things this week.

1. These Skies.

Smokey skies here have made the area look like a storm rolling in. Although, not as bad as the 2020 wildfires, it's still bothersome with smoke. Hopefully, it will clear up soon.

2. These Groceries.

Our grocery haul for this week is a hit, as always. You can sign up for these organic grocery options at Misfits Market here.

3. This Duck.

Quappy is sure loving her mirror. She's been sleeping in her box in the garage until we feel she's ready to join the other ducks in the big girl coop.

4. These Air-Dividers.

Skylar and I have been adding little perks to the Veloster slowly. With him working at Auto Zone we get to see the new car additions right away. He saw these air dividers and thought they would make the car look sportier. We like them so far. You can get some similar ones here.

5. These Smoothies.

We have been on a smoothie kick lately for breakfast. These are some of the best ones we've found. You can print them from Simple Green Smoothies.

Positive affirmations this week:
Always make sure the path you are on each season is supporting the life you want to create in the long run. Not caring what other people think about the path you're on is a top priority, too. If it makes you happy, that's all that matters. Each season reevaluate that path and make sure you're still focused on what's important to you.
Have a nice weekend.

Five Simple Things (September 2)


Here are five things this week.

1. This Bear.

On a recent yard sale hunt looking for random bus things I found this lopsided teddy bear. I gave it a good wash and placed inside Quappy's box to keep her company. She didn't take to it at first, but now she cuddles with it and loves it. I have always loved homemade bears that different people make. I'm sure this lopsided bear's story is a cool one, and now it has more to add to its story, too.

2. These Items.

Kiwi Eco Box on the left and Pyrex silicone reusable snack bag in Star Wars on the right. Skylar just loves Star Wars and this adds to his enjoyment of it. He takes lunch and we add trail mix, small crackers, carrots, or other quick snacks to these silicone bags and go. They are washable, and reusable for endless items, over endless amounts of uses. At this moment Kiwi Eco Box is sending it's proceeds to help with troops on the ground in Ukraine. The founders of KEB are from Ukraine, so they are doing all the can to help in the war efforts. Please consider purchasing a box, or items from their shop.

3. This Route.

Getting better at keeping time for my mile runs. It's getting easier and I am definitely seeing the changes. Progress is key, not perfection.

4. This Day.

August 28 marked 45 times around the sun for me. It's a bitter-sweet moment, but I welcome each year, because I'm still alive and I am still thriving. Not all this past year as been great and at times I've really struggled, but I did it and I am super proud of myself for each day I try. Every day I wake up with thoughts that shouldn't be there, but I keep going through all the negativity in my head. Here's to 45! What a year it's been, though. Last year on this day, I had wishes of travel, adventures, new opportunities, and a lot of fun and joy. We did a lot of great things over the past 365 days and it has been such a great year when I look back on everything I did, accomplished, and overcame. This year, following my 45 years, I am hoping and manifesting growth, stability, clarity, and a lot of self-love. Cheers to another year for me around the sun!

IKEA is always the first email I get from companies on my birthday. I'm part of IKEA Family and when it's your birthday you get $10 of a purchase and a free ice cream cone. Twitter gets a close second. One of the positive things of social media is when your birthday is remembered. It really does mean a lot more to me that most people take for granted. It's such fun things that I look forward to each year. And, I love Skylar's personality when it comes to gifts. He is always the best gift-giver and he is clever, too!

5. This Cat.

Eleven a.k.a. "The Snatch" is always so photogenic. She is such a curiously awesome kitty. One of a kind, for sure!

Positive affirmations this week:

Don't ever sacrifice your self-care and peace for others that can't seem to find theirs. There are people in this world, some of them we share bloodlines with, that don't know how to take care of themselves correctly and WILL seek out your peace and good vibes and ride your coat tails. This is not okay and it crosses boundaries. Again, be strong in your boundaries and stand by them. If you have self-care and down time on Fridays, or even Sundays, stick with it. If others in your life can't respect that, it's time to cut them off. You can do this!

One last thing, September is National Suicide Prevention Awareness Month (SPAM) and September 4 - September 10 is National Suicide Prevention Week this year. September 10 this year is World Suicide Prevention Day, as well. There are so many things that can be done on this day, and throughout the week to help those that struggle with suicidal thoughts, but sometimes this time of year is hard for many people and actually could bring about feelings of self harm to those that suffer with thoughts throughout the year. There are things to remind ourselves of and others that find this month and week hard. We need to be forgiving of ourselves and others and allow what we feel to happen and tell ourselves it's okay. Also getting away from the topic is also beneficial. Small walks outside, spending time with pets, and friends does a lot of good. Lastly, reaching out for help is never shameful. Support is always at hand at 988 and 1-800-TALK. We can and will get through this and you are strong, beautiful, and very much wanted. 
Have a nice weekend.