Five Simple Things (May 7)


We ended up deciding on a bed and mattress this week. Jeff and Skylar put it together with Skylar mostly doing it. I love how Skylar likes to jump in and help with things like that. He is a go-getter, and Jeff and I both think it's great that he isn't scared away. We also took a small day trip down the Sunset Highway towards Highway 101 to Seaside, and continued on to Astoria. We ate lunch at the Astoria Co-op and spent the day in and around the area before driving back home. One of our favorite items at the Astoria Co-op is the local bay shrimp that they offer in their cold food section. Every food co-op has local items to offer to the public. Another item that the Astoria Co-op has is the Seely's Mint Patties that are made in Clatskanie, Oregon, which is about 30 minutes from Astoria. They are sold at Whole Foods, too, but it's always a sweet treat for us to get the ones from the Astoria Co-op. It was a nice day trip drive and we got out of the Willamette Valley for awhile, which we always love. Here are five things this week.

1. This Bed.

We went with this bed from IKEA, and this mattress. We loved the IKEA mattress sale they had during the month of January and decided to get all new mattresses for every bed in our house. Skylar needed a new one and so did the other beds. We love the IKEA mattresses a lot and most of them have a five year lifespan to them. You can get firm, medium, soft, and even mattress toppers to help out with comfort. 

2. This Fence.

All you need is love.

3. This Sky.

It's rare for the Willamette Valley to get thunderstorms, but when they do roll through, the skies open up and create some of the best cloud cover. This storm brought much-needed rain and a bit of thunder.

4. This Plant.

It is one of our favorite summer plants. The "tails" that hang down on it are soft and nice to touch. We picked this one up at our local food co-op.

5. These Boxes.

One of the products in this Kiwi Eco Box was the laundry stick from Exactly Zero. I used the discount code to purchase their handmade soaps. I purchased the Lemongrass Bar Soap, Clay Facial Bar with Green Tea, and Honey Oat Bar Soap. This company has a sad, but happy back story and they offer a lot of eco-friendly, and body friendly products. They just started selling wool dryer balls, so check them out.

Did you catch the moon close to Jupiter and Saturn this week, or the Ata Aquariids Meteor Shower?

Positive affirmations this week:

I am confident in myself, my abilities, and my future.

Have a nice weekend.

Sometimes Wants (Spring)

 These are the spring time, "Sometimes Wants," that have caught my eye lately.

1. 2. 

3.  4. 

5.  6. 

7.  8. 

3. Observer's Notebooks (Astronomy, Birds, Butterfly, Home, Trees, Weather)

It's spring, which means, change in lip color, updating some cookware, and a few other items that have caught my eye lately. Always loving a new book, and these are great for observations around your home, or while on the road. A bottle opener, a hard case travel kit, a pocket knife, and some lip balm, could all be added to a road trip travel kit. We are looking into taking some more road trips soon, but everything is just so strange right now, that it's on hold. Also, with my anxiety struggles, puzzles have been a great thing to help me keep my mind off of things. I've been struggling a bit hard lately, and I highly recommend these two varieties of puzzles, if you have anxiety/PTSD/panic issues, as well. And, last, but definitely not least, with aging skin, face and skin care is a plus. I love powder to foam daily face cleaner. It leaves my face feeling amazing and soft. It isn't harsh and doesn't dry out my face, or break me out.