A school photo shoot and train tracks

Along with the fifth grade shoot from last week, we decided to do more shots along an abandoned set of train tracks here in the Willamette Valley.  With the dryness of the air here currently, it actually served as a great backdrop for our pictures.  Not to mention, it makes me sad to know that my little guy is now a fifth grader!

You can see more photos from this fifth grade photo shoot here, here, and here.

Fifth grade, here we come!

This year marks another year of homeschooling for my little bean pod.  Of course, he isn't so little anymore; This year we roll into fifth grade!  We decided to do a little before school photo shoot with him and celebrate the starting of a new school year.  He wants to be the Cake Boss when he grows up!

You can follow along with our classroom throughout the year at Rain Valley Red Snails.  We post a classroom update every two weeks and would love to have you stop by.

It's going to be a great year!

See more pictures of this photo shoot here and here.

Fire in the sky

The fires in Northern California and random ones burning throughout the state have really made the air quality here terrible.  The smoky skies can be seen and they have even been blocking the sun from shining.  The sun was blocked so much from the hazy air that the moon could be seen off in the distance a few times throughout the last few days.