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Five simple things


We've had a pretty slow week this week. we've been slowly getting back on a normal schedule since Baz's passing. Yesterday we got a call that his ashes were ready and I will share a picture of them next week. I feel right now that it's private for us and we want the week and the time to continue to grieve. It's still really weird to think he is gone, but we are healing and getting each other through it slowly. I was talking to a neighbor on Wednesday and I had to pause a minute before telling her what happened to Baz. I am holding back crying and "pretending" to be strong, but I'm not strong and as soon as the door closed I let the tears flow. His loss has really knocked the stuffing out of us and taken a bit of our spirit away. I am not ashamed to cry when needed and neither is The Mr., or The Bean. We miss our dog and there's no shame in that.

On a more positive note, we went on a walk last Sunday to an area in Corvallis, Oregon, known as, Willamette Park and Natural Area

There is a space near the back of the park that has a paved walking path with disk golf and a small soccer field in the middle. The section of trail is a "leash-free zone" for dogs. PITA was able to run and be a dog while we ate lunch on a nearby bench facing the Willamette River. It was a nice moment to sit and relax. We happened to sit down just in time to see two bald eagles fly over the water looking for fish. 

We couldn't help but be a bit upset that we didn't find the place before Baz passed. He loved being off of his leash and free. After lunch the three of us walked along the path while PITA ran around us smelling, greeting other dogs and people, and leaving his mark everywhere. We all talked about positive topics and mentioned what a great time Baz would have with us. There were tears, but they were happy tears. It's definitely a place we will visit again in the future. It was a great start to the week, for sure. With that, here are the other things that made this week great.

1. This sign.

Judgement-free zones should exist anyway without a sign needing to be posted. This sign was on a local bookstore in Corvallis, Oregon. It's a shame that we live in a world where such judgement exist and people from all walks of life need sanctuary cities to feel safe. The talk of terrorist crossing the border and plotting to harm us is white noise. Especially, when we have a United States-born citizen taking aim at innocent people enjoying an evening out in Las Vegas. Instead of building walls to keep people out, we need to focus on our own failures as a country that has allowed someone like that to get a hold of weapons that can kill 58 of our U.S. citizens that did nothing to deserve their untimely deaths. Maybe it's time to reevaluate the definition of "terrorism."

2. This book.

At said bookstore, this book was found. Hear! Hear! I love how people are actually creating books of resistance and cooking together. This book above and also this one here, are fantastic! Cook to resist and feed yourself so you can be fueled to get involved!  "The Revolution Must Be Fed!"

3. This tip.

While we are busy here in our house trying desperately to become more waste-free I figured out how to cut toothpicks from everyday use. Instead of testing with a wooden pick whether that delicious yellow cake/bread is done in the middle, use a spaghetti stick. Works just as well as the wooden version for your teeth, but no waste. You can either break off the part you used and add the unused part back to the spaghetti jar, or throw the entire hard strand in the compost.

4. Fresh tuna.

Living near the Pacific Ocean does have its perks when it comes to fresh fish. 

5. Sunset drive.

On the topic of the Pacific Ocean, the sunsets here are the best. View from the Cascade Mountain Range near Hoodoo Ski Area.

Have a great weekend!

Five Simple Things (May 20)


Here are five things this week.

1. This View.

Love how it looks right now. When we are inside our home, or sitting in our backyard, for a moment we forget we live in the middle of a city.

2. This Moon.

This past Sunday was a full moon named Blood Moon -Super Flower/Full Milk. We had a decent view of it from our backyard, but through the telescope, the view can't be beat. Lunar Eclipse was also able to be seen on Sunday, but we here on the west coast didn't get a good view. Holding out for 2024 for the total solar eclipse that will happen once again, but a full lunar eclipse would be awesome to see. (On May 18, we also got a view on the Spring Triangle. It's a grouping of stars in the sky that literally form a long triangle. It's stars of Spica-Virgo, Arcturus-Bootes, and Regulus-Leo.

3. These Spots.
Anxiety affects everyone suffering with it a bit differently and sometimes it can affect the person with a completely different symptom. When I hear that anxiety is all in your head these are the moments that people don't see. I call these spots my cheetah spots. They pop out in high anxiety situations, but when and where those situations happen varies. It could be just going into a store, a classroom, work, or an appointment. It could be sitting in traffic, feeling overwhelmed with stress, or even lack of confidence to a particular situations, or person. Sometimes certain comments made towards me also have an affect. I used to avoid being social when these cheetah spots would appear. It upset people, especially "family" that we would not show up at a planned event. They took it personally, but what they didn't see was what was happened behind closed doors. These spots eventually fade after about an hour, but the physical response of high levels of anxiety aren't all in your head. It's a genuine condition that shouldn't be taken lightly by anyone. There are coping mechanisms like the necklace around my neck in this picture, but overall, it will always be present. And, the fact that I can control it even just a small bit, gives me comfort. Don't tell people their emotions, responses, or even mental health issues are all in their head. It does more long-term damage to that person than you realize. And, be kind. Not everything people are going through is about you.

4. This Kitten.

Skylar and I visited the local animal shelter to donate a few things and walk through to see all of the animals up for adoption. I try to donate dog food around Baz's birthday and cat food around Meia's birthday. It's my way of giving back in such a way that makes me keep their memory alive and makes me feel good about helping out other animals. Meia's cat food donation has always been in the form of her favorite food, but Baz's donation has been random things he loved; soft foods and soft treats. These little kitties in this room were so playful and fun to watch. When I walk through the shelter at times I see small glimpses of Baz and Meia. I always tear up, but it's more of happy to see these small glimpses than tears of sadness. I miss them so terribly bad, but I do believe in spirits and I know they are watching me, love me, and are proud of me.

5. This Sleet.
Random bout of hail fell this week. We had been sitting outside and had just walked inside and we heard loud picking sounds hitting the windows. Weather lately is so confusing. Never know exactly what's going to happen here. Definitely didn't expect hail to fall during a 70 degree day.

Positive affirmations this week:

Have a nice weekend.

Christmas 2015 and New Year's 2016

Wow, what a great holiday season we've had!  I took so many pictures that it took me awhile to sort through them all.  This Christmas was spent at home this year and if you follow my blog you will remember where we were last Christmas.....

We were glad of the smiles and the laughs as we three opened our gifts from each other.  We always set a dollar amount to less than $50, but this year we lifted the amount to make it more fun.

We didn't get a chance to have a family photo for the year taken, but our last minute Christmas cards were a big hit anyway.  

We went with Minted this year and for every single tweak I made to the cards, Minted was right there to fix, walk me through, and change up every little detail.  I am so pleased with the way they turned out and everyone loved them, even without a family photo.  I've decided next year we will get an early start.

If you haven't had the time to send out holiday cards for Christmas, you will have time to do some for New Year's.  You can send holiday cards all through January before it's too late.  Check them out and see what they can do for you.

Our tree star stayed crooked the entire season, but instead of straightening it, we left it that way to give the tree more character.  It was perfect!

The strung cranberries looked great against the green of the tree.  I think next year we will string cranberries and popcorn and try to go with a more natural look for our real tree.

The cranberries are now hanging on a tree for the birds to enjoy.  A few blue jays and some starlings have already peaked at them and enjoyed the berries.

We strung fresh cranberries for a tree decor this year and had a blast with it.  We've decided to place the cranberry strings outside now for the birds to enjoy. 

We strung them on regular yarn in white.  The cranberries, as they were being strung, stained the white yarn to a pretty pink color.  I am wondering what they would do to an Easter egg now.  We shall find out in the spring.  
Our Christmas cards were placed on a homemade star this year.  It's made our of yard sticks.  I will show how to make a similar version on the blog soon.  

Skylar-Braden made little trees from washi tape and lined the wall with them opposite the Christmas tree.  

This ornament is one of the last things I received from my grandmother.  The red ball gets packed away each year with special care.  The gold bird was the first of my bird collection for my tree.  The two of these ornaments got front showing on the tree this year.  It was a very special thing to see on Christmas morning.

My bird collection grows each year.  While others are changing their tree decor each year, including a Memory Tree, I tend to keep the main tree in our house to just birds.  I have a "sort of" collection growing.  Each bird is purchased from Macy's when we go see Santa each year.  This year I chose a blue and white peacock to add to the tree.

See the birds from years before here (2014) (2013) (2012).

Our Christmas tree this year was a great one.  I think they just get better and better each year.  I love the way our house smells right now and I can't seem to part with her yet.  After the first of the year we normally take it down, but I think we might linger a bit until January 12.  Did you know that 25-30 million real Christmas trees are sold in the U.S. every year?  That it takes seven years to grow a Christmas tree, and that Christmas wasn't declared an official holiday in the U.S. until June 26, 1870. (source)

Christmas night was all set up for Santa Claus.  Skylar-Braden was pretty excited about the gifts he got this year and "Santa" even took the time to write his initials out in LEGOs.

Baz spent most of the Christmas day laying in front of the fireplace.  He seems to have commandeered that spot now.  And this year we made Baz, PITA(Hardy), and little Meia some paw print ornaments.

The paw print ornament above is of our 15-year-old Persian. Siamese kitty, Meia.  You can make these too with just some white polymer clay and your oven.  Just roll out the clay, smash into a disk, and press their paw into the clay.  Lots of treats may be needed for them to hold still enough to get a good impression.  It took us three attempts with Meia, and twice with PITA.  Baz didn't care as long as he was being loved on.  Bake them in the oven at 250 degrees for about 20 minutes.

We decorated the house this year too.  We have been slowly adding something to the decor each year and this year Skylar-Braden was able to help out more and have fun with it.  He and the Mr. had a good time putting lights in random places and it was nice for me to hear them laughing and enjoying it, while I was in the house staying warm.  

Loving my Christmas wreath and Father Christmas.  Father Christmas was found at a local antique store here and the wreath was purchased at the Trantham Tree Farm.  The sleds and candy canes were added by me.

Isn't he amazing?  Such a wonderful addition to our Christmas decor each year.  I am so pleased I found him.

And I can't help but mention the cutest door gift from our sweet neighbors.  

These wonderful Christmas treats come from the neighbors down the street that always spend time with Skylar-Braden.  Jim, the Mr., and Skylar-Braden all share an interest in HO Scale Trains.  They attend train shows together a lot and have such a great time with it. We just love that they are great neighbors and thought of us at Christmas time. 

Meanwhile, we baked and iced sugar cookies on Christmas Eve and we enjoyed them well into Christmas morning.


We opened gifts from Arkansas on December 28.  I love when gifts come from home.


We spent the New Year's Day eating black-eyed peas and writing down our resolutions for the 2016 year.  We are resolution-writing people and we always write our resolutions on tiny pieces of paper and insert them into clear/clear colored bulbs.  We have been doing this since 2013 and it's always a great way to remind us of our resolutions and stay on long-term ones. And as Lady Carnarvon said, "I don’t think I want to start New Year weighed down by more rules but think instead what I could do better. Enthusiasm, ideas, reflection and action. And I am, like many others here in the UK, looking forward to Spring and no rain!"  Of course, we aren't in the UK, but here in Oregon, we are looking forward to a Spring with no rain too! 

Unfortunately, we didn't make it to midnight this year.  Skylar-Braden went to bed at 10:00 p.m. and the Mr. and I followed at 11:00 p.m.  We did get woken up at midnight by the sound of fireworks and people banging pots and pans here in the city.  They lasted about an hour and we just laid in bed listening to the fanfare.  We weren't too upset by the noise though because New Years only happens once a year.  

The last few days have been a crazy mix of snow flurries and ice here in the Willamette Valley.  Here we got a bit of a mix.

..........But in Portland, it was a different story.

It was a slick mess for them. (Photo source)

The town we live in has a tree lighting ceremony, but there's always so many people and we tend to get a perfect view of the tree being lit from our own backyard.  After the ceremony died down we took a walk down to the park, where the tree is, and shot some nice pictures of the town's Christmas tree.

The fire department is the one that brings out their ladder truck and strings the Christmas lights each year.  It's always fun to see them perched on the huge white ladder getting things ready for the holidays.

The star on top of the tree is always so bright.  We can see it from the upstairs of our townhouse and it shines through the fog during this time of year.

I received a new camera for Christmas from the Mr.  I really enjoy the black and white setting a lot.  It gives the photos an entirely different view.

Christmas night I received a neat message from Skylar-Braden.  He is a huge Star Wars fan and wrote out:  "Love you Lots" in Star Wars lettering.
Hope your Christmas and New Year was great!

Check out this wonderful video of the animals enjoying the snowfall at the Oregon Zoo.

Snowy scenes from earlier today, starring Mikhail and the harbor seals.
Posted by Oregon Zoo on Sunday, January 3, 2016