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Surf Day

We got to fit in another surf trip this past weekend. We were able to determine that the foam board we have isn't quite big enough for Jeff, but Skylar and I rocked it. I enjoy the thrill of waiting for a wave to come in and just going for it. It's funny, as many times as I've been in the ocean, I still get startled the first time the water gets in my mouth. It's like I forget how salty it is each time we go, but once it happens I immediately remember. I don't think a lot of people realize how salty the ocean water is. I'm sure it tastes differently in different bodies of water, but the Pacific is like the worst cold broth you've ever tasted. ☺

Our surf boots are awesome. They look odd, but we find this design allows for better grip of the board. You can grab a pair here.

My contacts love the saltwater and so does my skin. 

We love our Wave Storm foam sticks. They are great for beginners and help you learn the basics of surfing. They are affordable and come with everything you need to get started with surfing, even if you've never been before. You can snag a board here and here.
(April 18, 2021)

400+ Hours of Color

This is what we call the "tunnel of happiness" under SW Colorado Avenue near the Deschutes River in Bend Whitewater Park (Bend, Oregon). The tunnel follows the Haul Trail and is part of the Deschutes River Trail Project in the Old Mill District of the city. Tunnel artist is Tom Cramer and he created the explosion of color to help brighten your day. The outside of the tunnel was created by Sandy Klein and features spring flowers and birds prominent to the area, including Red-Winged Blackbird, Osprey, and Kingfishers, to name a few.

One more thing. This signage is in the bathrooms around a lot of the Bend parks. I wish all bathrooms would take note of this and add them to add bathrooms. Sometimes people at their lowest point use public restrooms either to go to the bathroom, or take some time to themselves to use, or contemplate their next moves. Just a subtle reminder of these could possibly save someone's life. If you are one of these people, please reach out. As much as it seems like it doesn't help, there is always someone that will do their very best to help you in some way. I've been there. It's hard and I understand. I am not ashamed anymore of my struggles and you shouldn't be either. Let's talk.

Riding a Prom Bike around Seaside, Oregon

On our day trip to Seaside, Oregon, we decided to do something none of us had done before. We've been to Seaside multiple times and never once have any of us ridden a Prom Bike. But, we didn't just ride it, we rode it all over Seaside where it was allowed. It was a great way to see Seaside and we highly recommend it. Seaside has a different view from a Prom Bike going less than three miles an hour. We had a blast!

To check out more about the shop we rented our Prom Bike from, Prom Bike Shop on 12th Avenue is who we rented from. The workers, as well as the owners, are amazing and help make your ride more enjoyable.

Prom Bike Shop
622 12th Avenue
Seaside, Oregon 

Astoria-Megler Bridge

This bridge spans over the Columbia River and stretches over four miles. It connects Astoria, Oregon, to Megler, Washington. It's one of our favorite bridges to travel over in the state of Oregon. It was also the showcase of our first Reel on Instagram. You can see that Reel here.


The Cove (Seaside, Oregon)

One of the more experienced surf spots in Oregon is The Cove in Seaside, Oregon. It's rocky and the waves are rough. We aren't quite ready to surf at The Cove, but we do take the time to check the areas out to see how far we are from being able to surf them. Hopefully soon, but we'll see. We are in no rush to speed up our skills and move from the foam boards, but we are anxious to try out other boards and new areas when the time is right.