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Five Simple Things (August 26)


Here are five things this week.

1. This Cat.


This week has been a mountain of hard, but Eleven has sat with me to watch Stranger Things and to just be a comfort to me. It's almost like she can sense when things are rough for me and knows just how to come and sit, and be there, just in case I need her. Wish humans were as empathetic towards others and just listen and be there instead of giving their views, or opinions. Unsolicited opinions are such a huge pet-peeve to me and they don't help anyone. But, at least animals teach us the best way to be there for others and I just love that.

2. These Items.

Along the same lines as above and this week being tough, I bought myself some new pencils, pens, and some crayons. I've also been using this headache balm from Gypsy Soul Organics. I've been using it on all my pulse points, and even on my temples to help with headaches and overall tension.

3. This Cleanout. 

This week we took everything out of our kitchen and gave it a deep cleaning. We also got rid of many things that were just taking up space and we haven't used in awhile. It felt good to downsize and get everything cleaned in a way that makes us feel better about the area. Wish these cabinets were different, but soon we won't even need to care anymore. Looking at open cabinetry in our next location. These closed, dark cabinets are so dated I actually hate them. ☻

4. This Damage.

This will be four times one of our vehicles have been hit right in front of our house. It's getting a bit overwhelming, to say the least.

5. These Meals.

Been getting better at trying out different foods lately. Working with a dietitian to get my eating calories back up to where they are supposed to be has been challenging, but keeping track of what I like, the calories in the food, and how it made me feel has helped a great deal. Eating disorder recovery is a lifelong process, but thanks to counseling it doesn't control me anymore.

Plus, I now have a spice rack of sorts that I've never had before. I'm not quite sure what all these herbs are great on, but I'm learning as we go. I'm seeking progress and not perfection, but I am looking forward to trying some other herbs in some dishes soon.

Positive affirmations this week:

Have a nice weekend.

Five Simple Things (August 19)


Here are five things this week.

1. This Ambience. 

Sometimes the light hits just right.

2. This Doormat.

Found this great doormat at our local food co-op and I just love it. It's made from eco-friendly materials like natural coconut fiber, dyed with AZO-free pigments, which is a definitely plus. I went on a hunt online trying to find it and I couldn't, but the brand is Down to Earth and it's their Basics collection, and here are one similar.

3. These Items.

Lots of good things came in the mail this week. Kinder Beauty Box, Dae Hair, Tan-Luxe (recommended to me), and Sephora samples. All of it was great and I am absolutely loving the eye brushes in the Kinder Beauty Box and the shave cream. I am also loving the Monsoon Deep Conditioner from Dae. The tanning lotion came from a recommendation and I love how it feels, and the tan is definitely a look of being sun-kissed.

4. This Cheese.

Cheese samples are definitely my thing.

5. This Kitty.

Always an aesthetic kitty.

Positive affirmations this week:

Setting boundaries will cause your life to change. Speaking from personal experience, you will lose people, even family, you will make people mad, you will also be shunned by the people you thought would love you no matter what. But, the best thing is, those people lack respect for you and setting boundaries calls them on their lack of respect. It's okay to lose people. Once you set those boundaries and practice keeping them, the right people will stay, and the right people will come into your life. Boundaries are your way of creating respect for yourself and self-love. It's hard to lose people with those boundaries, especially family members, but overall, it's their loss, because you deserve so much more than that. You can do this!

Have a nice weekend.

Five Simple Things (August 12)


Here are five things this week.

1. These Views.

We took a quick trip to Bend this past week to check out some land offers. Still looking for that just perfect piece for us. Bend has a lot of great areas and we just can't decide which area we love best. We are in no hurry, though, because our current focus is coastal land for permanent roots. But, fingers are crossed that a good piece finds us at the same time we find it. 

2. These Sunflowers.

Jeff brought them to me to brighten up an otherwise hard week for me. I really appreciate his kindness to me still after all these years. I am definitely blessed with more than I deserve.

3. This Box.

Misfits Market this week was definitely a huge haul. We get most of our organic groceries from them and we couldn't be more pleased with finding a great grocery delivery that aligns with our diet and eating habits. You can sign up for this grocery box here and get $10 off your first order.

4. This Items.

It's been hot as blazes here lately, so we are doing everything we can to keep it cool. We found the cutest water sprinkler that is tall enough for all of us to fit under and it's been a blast. And, we're quite partial to rainbows in this house. We also picked up these blackout curtains to help contain some cool air inside our house, and these curtains work. They also come in a wide variety of colors, but the one pictures is a slate gray. Lastly, this gallon-sized water cooler. I've been already drinking about a gallon of water a day, so these will be helpful in keeping up with it all better.

5. This Run.

Getting better at running without stopping. Looking for progress not perfection, so I am pleased.

Positive affirmations this week:

Definitely a great mix of three important factors to consider at any age: Eating clean and healthy, cardio for all over body fat burn, and targeted moves to keep strength. Core workouts are key right now, especially at my age, which is 40+. Would also add in self-care for your face, body, and hair, as well. And, your routine may change as you age, but this regimen has been working for me. Hopefully, it can work for you, too. You can do this!

"Austin" is referring to Denise Austin and you can read the full article here.

Have a nice weekend.

Five Simple Things (August 5)


Here are five things this week.

1. This Seed.

Sometimes when plants come to the end of their life, they are still so fascinating to me. The skeleton of a leaf, or this skeleton of a spent dandelion.

2. These Items.

This month's Mighty Fix from Mighty Nest was something we definitely have been putting to use this month. Stainless steal lunch containers are kind of our thing lately. We have been using them pretty much every day for snacks, lunch items, and I recently started using one for a first aid kit for when we go surfing. You can get Might Fix here.
Also, in my recent Might Nest order I added on these compostable sandwich bags and these D3 vitamins. With Might Nest you can add on as many items as you want in your shipment each month. We love how convenient it is and how great the selection of organic, earth-friendly, and natural products are. Check out Might Nest here.

3. These Glasses.

Had an eye doctor's appointment this week and found out my near sightedness is getting worse. My eye doctor said eventually they will level out and stay that way, but it's still upsetting to hear age taking its toll. The glasses on the left are my old ones and the ones on the right are the new. I clearly have a style I stick with.

4. This Cat.

Eleven is the silliest cat I have ever had. She has such a great personality and she's very curious of everything. I picked her up some cat grass this week, too and she loves it. 

5. These Ducks.

Quappy is growing up so big, so fast, and this week I picked her up a little friend at our local Wilco. I made sure to get one with natural ingredients for when she nibbles on it. She took a liking to it right away. It's completely made of eco-friendly materials. You can get the exact same little friend here.

Positive affirmations this week:
Anything you're striving for always do it for you and not other people. Living as a people please always stills your joy. I was a people pleaser for so long and not anymore. I still catch myself going back on comfortable old habits, and remember that's not who I am. It takes practice, but setting those boundaries on what you allow and what you don't helps a great deal. You can start by writing things down that have crossed your boundaries in the past and right a solution to why you won't allow that anymore. And, stick to it. You can do this!

Have a nice weekend.

Five Simple Things (July 29)


Here are five things this week.

1. This Ice Cream.

Although we make homemade ice cream all year long in our ice cream maker, we decided this summer to try out a few new recipes. This one is mint/chip and after tweaking the ingredients a bit, we had a hit.

2. These Items.

After longing to wait to try Necessaire for awhile now, I finally ordered a few of the items I've had my eye on. Absolutely loving the Eucalyptus scent and the body scrub and body wash are amazing! You can try them here for yourself. Also this week, Kiwi Eco Box came and never disappointed in the items. The wooden comb is going to get used overtime in our house. You can snag August's shipment box here.

3. This Episode.

This week we put out a new podcast episode at Diabolic Evil. Thomas D. Carr was a self-proclaimed serial killer and was hanged for his crimes. You can listen to this new episode of yet another 1800s serial killer, and listen to our other episodes here. (And, we thank you for your support)

4. This View.

The base of the Cascade Mountain Range is always a lovely sight no matter what season. This summer was a summer of new for us here in Oregon. After 2020 and 2021 being a year of healing, 2022 has been a summer of new, as I like to call it. Everything was dormant for awhile because of the wildfires here, but this year, everything opened up and exploded with color and beauty. I hope the summer of 2023 is just as wonderful. 

5. This Canvas.

We are absolutely loving our canvas poster of Vigo the Carpathia. Any true Ghostbusters fan can appreciate this life-size authentic movie print, too. It's the first thing you see when you walk into our house, too, and honestly, we just love that.

Positive affirmations this week:

July 24 is International Self-Care Day and with that we should always been grateful of the chance to give ourselves some much needed love and affection. Although, carving out some time each day is a great way to give yourself some love, having a day to recognize that reminds us just how important it is. In our house we have wellness Wednesday and Self-car Sundays, because we absolutely need it. You, too, need to show yourself some love and practice self-care regularly. Below are some printable tips to help get you started. You are loved and you deserve the best!

Have a good weekend.