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Happy Birthday, Jeff

Since Jeff had to work on his birthday, which was the sixteenth, we celebrated with him on September 20. He has been working hard and doing a lot of things for himself lately that he has been putting off, so Skylar and I baked him a cake and enjoyed the weekend with him. He has been such a great help to both Skylar and me since our car accident, and even though I'm not the greatest cook, or baker, I do my best to make birthdays special to the people around me that love me and are part of my team. Happy forty-ninth birthday, Jeff.

Safeparty Fire Pit Mat

I had the wonderful opportunity to team up with Daxlena and test their Safeparty Fire Pit Mat this past month and we gave it the best testing we could think of. We used it on the beach, at home on our deck, and even in the grass. With the dry temperatures here and a burn ban put into place by the state fire marshal, we were worried we weren't going to get to test it out with heat. But, we got that opportunity this week when the heat finally broke and gave us a small sprinkling of rain, along with some milder temperatures. 

Daxlena's Safeparty Fire Pit Mat was created by accident with an unfortunate incident. The incident happened with a poor quality fireproof mat that not only caused a first degree burns, but also lots of damage to a newly installed porch. The experience, although unfortunate, it wasn't in vain and Daxlena decided to change things for people in the future and prevent others from having similar experiences. They worked with multiple materials and product suppliers over the course of a year and developed the blend of materials that are now part of the Safeparty Fire Pit/Grill Mat. The high-quality materials have been tested to provide optimum heat resistance and protection for your deck, patio, or lawn, and also to help protect against heat penetrating surfaces that could lead to injury, or burns. 

Daxlena is a family-owned business and their perseverance in creating a product that they themselves would use on a daily basis is important to them. Their Safeparty Fire Pit/Grill Mat is one of the products they stand behind and know that it will save your family and friends from suffering similar accidents like the one that prompted the creation of the mat. 

The mat is designed to protect your deck, patio, or even the grass from the heat given off by a fire pit, grill, or heating element.  The mat can withstand up to an incredible 1300 degrees F! It's heat resistant, easy to use and clean, and durable. It's waterproof with nonslip silicone on the bottom that allows it to stay in place and not slide when being used. It has thermal insulation between the layers that offers that extra help in stopping the heat transfer. And, on the top, it has an aluminum fiber fabric that reflects up to 95% of the heat being given off by your fire pit, stove, grill, or heat source. It's triple-layered and at 38" around, it gives a large protection area from heat.

Burn and heat marks on anything is annoying and at times extremely costly to remove or repair. This fire pit/grill mat is definitely worth it! With it being waterproof, if any sparks, coals, or tender fall out of your grill, or fire pit, you can rest assured that this mat will catch it and allow you the easy clean up without the burns. No more grass burns, either!

You place the reflective side up, place it where you plan on having your heat source, place your grill, or fire pit directly on top of the reflective mat and relax. It protects all surfaces with high quality materials that actually work. It's compact enough to take anywhere and everywhere. Just fold it up and place it back into the soft bag and place in your truck, or even in a backpack. Once you're done using it, spray the mat and you're good to go for another cookout, party, or gathering.

Thank you to Daxlena for allowing me the opportunity to test out this great fire pit/grilling mat! It was a real pleasure and it exceeded my expectations 100%!

(If you're here from the Instagram giveaway, please tell me below how you would use this mat if you won. Be sure to do all the required steps on the Instagram post here in order to be qualified. Good luck!)

Don't want to wait to see if you're a winner? You can purchase the Safeparty Fire Pit Mat here.

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Garden of Yellow

With last year's garden being covered in a lot of ash from the wildfires, and losing everything, we decided to keep it simple this year. We planted some pumpkin seeds and zinnia seeds, but to our shock a lot of the sunflower seeds from last year came up this year. Sunflowers are not perennials, so it was a nice surprise and kind of a wonderful things given what happened last year. It was almost like the garden was telling us, "I'm still strong and can make it through the worst." Kind of like all of us. Last year was hard, so very hard, but we are still strong and can truly make it through the worst. Our garden is now beaming with bright yellows and after a long, trying day, bright yellow is a nice color to see. 

Golfing Misery At Pineway Golf Course

We had a bit of a rough time with this golfing day, carts breaking down, drunk man yelling at Skylar, and Yellow Jackets in almost every hole, needless to say, we won't be going back to this golf course anytime soon. It seems every time we go to play golf here there's always something up, but this last time was literally the last straw. Especially, with the drunk guy coming out of the clubhouse and yelling at Skylar about driving the cart over the grass. (Side note: You are allowed to drive your cart over the grass just can't be on, or within a few feet of the greens). This guy was out of control and what made it even worse was the Yellow Jackets stinging me repeatedly. After hole nine I was so ready to go. We will stick to the better taken care of courses, that's for sure. Here's a recap of our quick game of nine holes.

My arm swollen from the multiple Yellow Jacket stings, but good news, we found a miniature tee on the eighth hole, so silver lining, right? Thank god I'm not allergic to bees.

Pineway, please take better care of your course, so people like us won't feel so pushed away. The grounds around the clubhouse need better care, as well, and having patrons of the bar feeling the need to raise their voice at a child is uncalled for.