Hi, I'm so glad you're here! I'm Shelly HW and I am the main writer behind South North South (Life at a Swell's Pace). I love the sound of dress shoes clicking on the pavement and enjoy nightly rains of the pacific coast line. I have southern roots, but live in the northwest of Oregon right in the heart of wine country in the Willamette Valley. I am a minimalist in the works, a big advocate of quality food, zero waste, and organic anything. I am also a beginner surfer and will post about this often. You can see more under the surfboard icon on the sidebar of my blog. 

South North South has back links to old posts, but the current blog has transitioned to a lifestyle, seasonal, and travel blog. South North South also has mental health posts at the end of each Five Simple Things posts on Fridays. If you are struggling, or know someone that is struggling with mental health issues, support and understanding is the best step in the right direction. Let's end the stigma and be more open about our mental health. Your story could help someone else heal. 


Shelly can be contacted at mcwilkerson1977 [@] yahoo [dot] com  

South North South would love to collaborate with companies that fall under the interest that South North South is about-(travel, surfing, sustainable living, organic, simple, green, and/or anything that falls under the subcategory of these). If you have questions on a certain topic, or if you feel your company, or brand is a good fit, drop a note at the email above.


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(Strange Inheritance episode on Trees of Mystery -Brotherhood Tree)

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  1. Nice to meet you Shelly. I look forward to reading your recipe posts.

  2. Hermit crabs are awesome pets for kids. Love your dog thats running, he looks like he is having a ball!

    1. They are great starter pets for kids. The dog running is our sweet cocker/shepard mix, Baz. He was a great dog. :)

  3. Love your new about section. Read your blog daily!

    1. Really? Thanks so much for the support! We really appreciate great feedback!