Sometimes Wants (Winter 2022)

 These are the winter "Sometimes Wants" that have caught my eye lately.

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  1. With anxiety, comes nausea and these gummy bears have been my recent go-to to help with that. They also have helped with bloating and digestion issues, so win-win. I've been trying to use more natural and organic approaches to handling anxiety issues, so if you suffer, too, I will do my best to post what works for me and maybe they can help you, as well. You can also make your own here.
  2. I've been slowly switching my clothing out for more sustainable, organic, and earth-friendly brands and I've also been enjoying jumpers and jumpsuits when at home. They are not only comfortable, but practical if I do need to leave the house for a quick errand.
  3. I feel it's literally impossible to use up a bar of soap until it's totally gone without the help of one of these bags. We've been using them for awhile now and I will be honest, I feel less like I'm completely wasting the last parts of the soap with them and the bag feels nice on your skin and exfoliates in the process.
  4.  This wooden bath mat has been a great addition to our bathroom and I feel like I am not missing washing our cloth floor mats, either. It soaks up water and dries quickly, so there is no water standing on the floor, or hoovering in a cloth mat. Highly recommend switching.
  5. On our quest to switch to less waste and more minimal options in our home, tissue was a huge problem, especially this time of year. Making a simple switch to reusable tissues, we feel we are doing one more thing to keep less waste going to the landfill. This option comes in white, gray, pink, and denim color for the dispenser box.
  6. We are huge The Office fans in our house, I mean, HUGE, and this water bottle is definitely going to end up in someone's stocking, or gift bag this year. I will definitely purchase one for myself, as well. I mean, we have to represent Sabre and Dunder Mifflin, right? "Dunder Mifflin Is A Part Of Sabre"
  7. I've been using reusable, cotton, makeup pads for some time now and I have recently purchased these from Paula's Choice to add to my "collection." They are super soft, absorbent for makeup remover, toner, and even sunscreen, and lotions that I put on my face. I love that they are bamboo and cotton, and sustainable to the environment. Plus, I no longer purchase disposable cotton rounds since making this switch.
  8.  If you haven't tried DAE, you're really missing out. I am absolutely in love with the Deep Conditioner and the Prickly Pear Hair Oil. There really isn't anything I have tried from DAE that I haven't loved. I use the hair wrap, brush, and leave-in conditioner after surfing and it cuts drying time literally in half and makes my hair healthier from being in salt water.
  9. With making the changes to more reusable items, these dry dusting, fleece dusters that fit on the Swiffer duster handle works out great in our favor. I've ordered two of the five packs and when they are dirty, I just throw them in the wash. They pick up dust and work just as well as the disposable dusters, but have less of an environmental impact over time.
  10. For cleaning, changing to more earth-friendly products has been a bit of a struggle, but slowly and surly we are doing it. One of the easiest things was the cleaning cloths, instead of paper towels, and sponges that are biodegradable over disposable. These hemp sponges are incredible, to say the least. They really are a powerhouse with dishes and I've even started using them in the bathroom.
Happy Winter Equinox!