Five Simple Things (September 16)


Here are five things this week.

1. These Machines.

With the wildfire smoke getting a bit thicker the last few days. we've been running our window air conditioner on air purify and also utilizing our air purifiers from IKEA. Inside our home we have taken steps to help keep the indoor air quality healthier for us and our pets. You can get the air conditioner pictured, here. And, they air purifiers pictured, here. (Don't forget the filters)

2. This Sign.

On days we have off, Skylar and I like to take short day trips along the Oregon Trail roadways and explore the back areas that pioneers took. We've pretty much covered the entire trail system since first doing these short trips a few years ago. With our most recent day trip, we came across this sign along someone's land. Being horror fans we couldn't help but stop and take a picture. We just love seeing little things like this along our road trips. It makes the trips that much more exciting for us.

3. These Blankets.
We recently took a trip to Costco to grab a few things we've been needing. We don't normally make a lot of "on a whim" purchases and we really try to stick to a list, especially in Costco, but recently we've been seeing things we actually need. These blankets being one of those things. We love Pendleton blankets, especially the wool ones, but we definitely will be utilizing these this winter. Unfortunately, the house we are in isn't well insulated and every little bit of warmth helps in the colder months ahead. Eleven has been enjoying the warm Pendleton blanket, as well. 

4. This Kid.

Since starting at Auto Zone, Skylar has been learning and growing. He was even promoted to Sales Manager this week and Jeff and I couldn't be prouder. He is hoping to learn as much as he can about diesels, too, so he can be on top of anything that happens to our bus.

5. These Skies.

Although the skies here are pink in the evenings with the sunset, it can't go without notice that they are that color because of the wildfires burning around us. Pink skies and red sunsets here are becoming a norm in the summer months, but sometimes they are so bright, they are almost worth taking note of the beauty of them. We hope the wildfires get under control soon, though, no matter how beautiful the skies are.

AND, Happy Fiftieth birthday to this guy. 
We love you, Jeff! Happy Birthday, Dudu!
(Everyone always wears the 45 birthday hat. It's our family's inside joke)
Positive affirmations this week:
Have a nice weekend.

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