Five Simple Things (May 6)


Here are five things this week.

1. This Lunch.

This week we had a lot of sunshine to soak up, but the temperatures weren't too bad, so it was the perfect opportunity to eat lunch outside. With our deck we built it's a nice area to sit and relax, too.

2. This Table.

We gave our picnic table a makeover and painted it black. I've been wanting to do the black painted picnic table for awhile now, and I'm so pleased with how it came out. We used Behr Waterproofing Wood Stain in Slate color for the table. Now to give our deck a new splash of color. 

3. This Starling.

With having ducks the Starlings love any food left in the grass that they can peck at. We've seen a lot more random different birds landing in our yard since having ducks. It's interesting to see different species of birds come and check things out. This little Starling even sang us a song.

4. This Kitty.

Along with the sunny days we've allowed Eleven to play outside when we are out there. She is so curious about everything, but sticks close to me when we are outside. She's very clingy, but also very loving. She's enjoying the picnic table's warmth, too.

5. These Ducks.

Fern and Mallie are sure missing Happy Duck. They've been a bit less active the last few weeks and are mourning her death. It's hit all of us harder than we expected. She really was such a cool duck, so it's no surprise that the other animals are feeling that loss, too. We are giving them their space and allowing them to grieve without feeling overwhelmed. We even bought them some special treats to help them feel a bit better.

Positive affirmations this week:

Whatever you do that keeps you moving is medicine. Medicine isn't always pills, drops, or liquid prescriptions. It's also, getting outside, keeping our routine, moving the body, breathwork, being consistent with our selfcare, and taking care of ourselves the best way we can. 

Have a nice weekend.

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