Five Simple Things (March 18)


Here are five things this week.

1. This Business.

I first saw this company in Newport, Oregon, and thought their name and logos were right up my alley. It's nice to see them doing business in the Valley, too. 

2. This Game.

We love CLUE in our house and recently we found a vintage, original one at an antique store. We have been steady playing back to back games every since bringing it home. Our board game is circa 1963. You can get a similar one here.

3. This Breakfast.

Breakfast in bed is always my love language.

4. This Growler.

Jeff finally was able to break out his uKeg, which was his Christmas present, and get it filled. It's a pretty cool growler and it holds 128 ounces, comes with Co2 cartridges, and is made in Portland, Oregon, by GrowlerWerks. It's a great growler for alcohol, but it can be used with any carbonated drink. It definitely does what it says. You can read more about it here and snag one for yourself.

5. This Kitty.

Eleven is always a card. We are patiently awaiting for the new season of Stranger Things, Eleven's namesake. She is hoping Hopper is still alive and it will be an awesome season this coming June.

Positive affirmations this week:

Grieving is normal and no one is allowed to tell you exactly how much time YOUR own personal grief should take. Our beloved pets, which a few have been gone for over three years now, we still grieve their loss, and we will continue to grieve for them and loved ones when needed. We feel what we feel and we let out what our body needs in order to help us work through the pain. The loss of a pet, or a loved one never gets easy, or better, but we get to where we get stronger in handling that loss. Grieve for love, for loss, or even for breakups and bad days. Don't ever let anyone tell you that crying when you need to is wrong. No matter what you're feeling. Feel your emotions and let your body heal through your grief. It's not wrong. Humans are meant to grieve, cry, and feel what they feel for a reason, don't punish yourself for having emotions. You are only human.

Have a nice weekend.

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