Five Simple Things (February 4)


Here are five things this week.

1. These Snowflakes.

I removed our holiday snowflakes from the front door and window this week. This is the first year that I've used the washi paper snowflakes and we love them. You spray water on the window, place your snowflake and use a towel to remove the access water. You can snag these washi paper snowflakes here.

2. These Contacts.

Skylar got contacts for the first time this week and he is pretty pumped about being able to surf and be able to see better. He did great with them and so far so good.

3. This Surf.

The day started out great, but a storm rolled in in a short amount of time and put a damper on our surfing for the day. But, as the sun went down, even though the swells were choppy, the sun setting was a beautiful end to the day. Two hours of surfing is better than nothing.☻

4. This Closet.

Before and after. Still need to sort out the books and vinyl, but as of now, it's a lot more cohesive.

5. This Episode.

Our latest podcast episode is out and it's a sad one. Depends on what side of the truth you believe, but for us, this was the first one we've covered that we question everything about this case. The government either murdered these people, or these people were as they were hanged for. You be the judge. You can listen to this latest episode of Diabolic Evil and the podcast link at the top of the blog, or the Diabolic Evil website.

Positive affirmations this week:

There are many reasons someone acts "shy." There could be underlying issues that most people know nothing about. Most of the time my anxiety shoots up so high I end up talking a lot more than I planned to. I've been made fun of most of my life for being someone that "talks too much," or even worst "someone that doesn't shut up." Which, overall really hurt my feelings and actually hindered my self esteem about how bad my anxiety can get. I've even had someone tell me once when I wasn't talking a lot, "I'm not used to you being this quiet." It's really hard to navigate through anxiety and when it's going to get bad. Overall though, I'm not a talker. I actually don't like having conversations with people at all, no matter who they are. I would much rather stay quiet and in the shadows than even be spoken to. When I start talking to someone and talk fast, I falsely get labeled as a talker. But, supporting people with high levels of anxiety, especially when they are talking to you, don't discredit their words. A lot of people talk to talk, but you can definitely tell someone talking because of anxiety. Their speech is fast, their eyes look around, they're fidgeting, and at times you can even hear their voice tremble. But, there are also those that are shy and still talk. Here's why a lot of people with "shyness" seem to not talk as much as other times.

  1. Their energy is already drained.
  2. The people they are talking to have too much energy already.
  3. They simply don't want to talk at that time, or to you.
  4. Sometimes they just want to sit back and not engage.
  5. They are interacting with someone that has previously pointed out their talking. 
All five of these are points that I have experienced. Everyone's presence is important. How you treat people that already have issues speaking to you or anyone else, matters. Be mindful of the things you say to those that are dealing with more issues than they show on the outside and by all means, stop telling people they talk too much, or too little. If you feel that way, don't interact with the person that YOU think, "talks too much," or "you're not used to being so quiet." It's rude and extremely disrespectful.

Have a nice weekend.

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