Twilight Saga: Forks, Washington

This past weekend we decided to make the short trip to Forks, Washington, and Port Angeles, Washington, to check out some of the Twilight Saga movie perks of the area. Of course, these two actual locations weren't used in the movie filming, but there were a few things that were used. The Forks High School sign, the Welcome to Forks sign, and a few random things in and around both areas. We also enjoyed spending a lot of time on the Quileute Indian Reservation and the beach at La Push. The beach at La Push had a lot of surfers and it's definitely a place we will have to add to our surfing bucket list. 

Forks Visitors' Center:

Our entire trip was a day trip and it covered almost 750 miles round trip. 

The Swan Home in Forks. An Airbnb that you can actually stay in and get the complete feel of Twilight:

The sign at Forks High School used in the movie:

Twilight fan signs on the way to La Push:

Tribute to Stephenie Meyer:

On the way to the Quileute Indian Reservation and La Push:

The view from La Push was amazing, especially as the sun went down. Absolutely will be giving this area another trip to check out the swells and surf a bit in the waters here.

Coming down along the bayfront in Port Angeles, Washington: 

Along the jetty separating Washington and Canada. This view is of the Washington side.

View of the Canada side from the jetty.

This area in Forks, Washington, has a Forever Twilight in Forks Festival. The festival falls on September 8-11, 2022. You can purchase tickets starting on January 1, 2022.

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