Five Simple Things (October 8)


Here are five things this week.

1. This Run.

Didn't feel like doing anything this week as far as a workout, but glad I went on this run. It's been a bit challenging and I get headaches easier since our car wreck, but going slow and getting back into a routine helps with, not only making me feel better, but also my mental health.

2. This Crash.

A lot of the popular social media apps took a crap this week on October 4. It was almost a relief to see a lot of people not being able to access their "addictions." The crash was definitely a reminder to a lot of people to not depend on those sites as much, or at all, really. Social media is killing people's social skills/ques, and respect for each other. Unfollow, unsubscribe, step away, and stop relying on platforms online. It isn't healthy.

3. This Music.

I never take these people for granted. This was in downtown Corvallis and the talent behind these people that play like this is incredible to me. You should never take someone's talent lightly. There is effort put into setting up and playing an instrument, or displaying another talent. Always give them some credit.

4. This Pie.

Our local food co-op always has the best desserts, and sometimes you have to treat yourself. This was peanut butter cheesecake and it was delicious! 

5. This Log.

It's located in the Columbia River off Marine Drive in Portland, Oregon. The log is pushed into the ground by the undertow and someone took it upon themselves to swim out and paint it as a crocodile head. Clearly the water fowl aren't fazed by it. 

Did you catch the Moon near the Regulus start cluster this week (2), or Cygnus the Swan (6)?


Positive affirmations this week:

If you look up "assuming is..." on the internet a lot of different reasons to NOT assume pop up. Whatever your reasoning for assuming something, the best way to avoid disappointment, or overthinking is not to assume anything. Even assuming the best will sometimes lead to disappointment in the end. Not assuming anything with any situation and allowing the situation to play out as it does is a good way to help with healthy mental health. It takes practice, constant practice, but it can be done.

Have a nice weekend.

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