Five Simple Things (October 29)


Here are five things this week...

1. This Cat.

We ended up having to move the cat palm out of the window, because Eleven took "cat" palm seriously and would sit in the pot. Not only was the dirt she kicked out of the pot an issue, we were afraid she was going to damage the palm. It now has a nice home on top of our fireplace.

2. This Machine.

I bought a cotton candy machine this week and literally ate way too much sugar trying it out. This cotton candy maker is versatile, because it, not only makes cotton candy from regular sugar, but also spins sugar threads from hard candy.

3. This Storm.

These clouds reminded me of the tornado-forming clouds down south and were a bit unnerving. We noticed them on our way to surf, but they ended up only bringing rain and wind. 

4. This House.

This house is on a main street in the city where we live and it is almost as if it's stuck in a time capsule. I enjoy driving past it and daydreaming of another period of time.

5. This Reminder.

Best way to start your minimal journey is to use up what you already have. This is the main question a lot of people ask me, "how do I get started." And, I always tell them, use up what you have and once one product is gone, don't buy it again, or switch up to a more sustainable brand.

Did you catch the appearance of Mercury this week (24), or the moon near M35 (25), 


Positive affirmations this week:

This quote goes a long way when you are wondering "why not me," or "I wish I had that..." There's a lot of things we think we need, but we really don't. In the end it's easier to see why we don't need them, but in the beginning it's hard to see that clearly. It's taken me over 30 years to realize that most of the things I thought were good for me really weren't the best things for me. Too many years of my own life has been wasted living by other people's standards and what I thought was the best path for myself. I wish I could tell everyone to stop living by what you think other people would like of you and live for yourself. I try my best to teach Skylar to do what he thinks is best for him and not by what other people would think of him, or how they will judge him. If it makes you happy, practice working on shutting others out and what others are doing or thinking, and do what's best for you. If you don't start that now, you will waste years trying to find yourself. You can do it!

Have a nice weekend.

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