Five Simple Things (October 1)


Here are five things this week.

1. This Chocolate.

When I can't get Seely's Mints this is my next go-to minty chocolate treat. I could eat the entire bar in one sitting, it's that good! I like to break off a piece as a treat after a long day and it's the perfect mix of chocolate and mint. The company is women-owned and is based out of Seattle. You can check out all of their delicious chocolate treats here.

2. These Trees.

We dug out around the Hawthorne Trees this week and have plans to lay down some bark mulch later. The rain came in towards the end of us finishing, so we decided to hold off on the bark mulch for now. Still trying to figure out if we want to lay white marble stone similar to what's around the walkway, or actually do bark mulch...

3. These Samples.

I took advantage of the free sample offer Truvani had this week for their four plant-based protein powders. I also added the free samples of the protein bars they offer, as well. I enjoyed all of them and I love the fact that they are organic and offer organic ingredients that help keep us on track with our all organic diet. I am not sure I will be purchasing anymore of their products in the future, though. Although the protein powders and the protein bars were delicious, the protein sourcing they do for their products doesn't align with our dietary needs at this time. But, you can get this same offer here to try their protein powders, or try their full-sized protein bars here

4. This Moment.

This week we ate a lot of soups and watched a lot of movies. With the weather turning colder and the days getting shorter, soup and movie nights feel right. This particular time was tomato soup and Kindergarten Cop.

5. This Moth.

Little guy was hanging out on the stairs inside the house and before Eleven could get to it, we saved him and put him outside near the porch light. We think he is a version of the Underwing Moth, or possibly and Apple Moth/Light Froller Moth. 

Did you catch the Moon near Hyades this week (25), or  Pegasus near Pisces (28)?

Positive affirmations this week:

Although my Twitter is private now, I recently posted this reminder to everyone that follows me on there. I am grateful for the small amounts of progress I make every month, week, and even day. Each and every one of us are struggling with something that others can't see. As long as we can see the small progress and positive changes with bettering ourselves that's all that matters. No matter what anyone else says to you about your own struggles, know that your struggles are valid and your progress is a wonderful thing. 

Have a nice weekend.

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