Sometimes Wants (Autumn)

These are the autumn time "Sometimes Wants" that have caught my eye lately.

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During the summer months the sun and salt water really beat up my hair and as the autumn season rolls around I like to give it a bit of a boost. This apple cider hair rinse really comes through. It is not only a better-made product and nonchemical, it really gives my hair a good recovery from all the product, sun damage, salt water, and anything else I tend to beat my hair up with over the summer. You can pair it with the Avalon Organics Shampoo and Conditioner, but any shampoo and conditioner combination works great. As the seasons change, I try to mix up the colors I use. I love this lip and cheek coloring by Mad Hippie. There's fig, poppy, and plum color, but I love the plum color for the seasonal change. And, their eco-friendly packaging is a plus. This product comes in a glass tub with a bamboo lid. We've been looking for more eco-friendly outdoor furniture that can put up with all the rain Oregon gets throughout the year. And, I think we hit it with the Polywood collection. Made from recycled plastics and can definitely withstand the weather changes here on the Pacific Northwest. With the change of seasons comes germs and colds, and I like to use this time to switch out our hand soaps throughout the house. I love the organic lemon rosemary scent from Moon Valley Organics. And, even though our guard is a bit lowered now that the pandemic is getting controlled we still haven't let our guard down with hand washing with soap and water, and using hand sanitizers. We've also found some great lunch items that are more sustainable, and also switched to using natural loofahs in the shower over plastic loofahs. I also have been taking a liking to small bags to use for lunch, day trips, change for filling our water jugs, and even small snacks. And, with the change in seasons, a new throw blanket was definitely in order. Our old blankets always get handed down to Hardy, Eleven, or even in our duck house to help with insulation. Hopefully these items peek your interest, as well, and help you make some seasonal changes for the better. Happy Autumnal Equinox!

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