Five Simple Things (September 10)


Over the past weekend, Labor Day weekend we made our first batch of homemade salsa. There are a few things we would change in future batches, but overall it was a great time. We are thinking of making Labor Day salsa making a yearly tradition. I've been looking into simple ways of canning certain foods we enjoy, just so we can have them on hand when we need them. We also hit the beach again this week. Finally able to enjoy all of us having boards to surf on, with Jeff using a bodyboard. His shoulder has been hurting him lately, so the bodyboard was perfect for him on this trip. The amount of people on the beaches here during Labor Day weekend was the most I've seen in a long time on the Oregon coast. We kept our distance from everyone, though, because most people were not wearing masks, or social distancing. The swells were pretty high, almost 10-14 feet at times and hitting every three-four seconds, so it was quite a workout for us all. We were all pretty sore the next day, but it was totally worth it. Overall it was a good Labor Day weekend and a nice week overall. Here are five things this week.

1. These Lights.

Up on top of the highest mountain in our area and this was the view of the city at midnight. Seems a lot bigger than it is.

2. This Salsa.

Our Labor Day salsa was a solid plan this year and will will definitely be continuing it in the future.

3. This Surf.

And, it was perfect!

4. This Package.

Won a Twitter contest this week and received all of this great Forager products from the company. We loved everything, especially the queso cheese and the probiotic drinks. All of the coupons shown there are for free products, too. It was definitely a score!

5. This MightyFix.

Always love everything from Might Nest. You can sign up here to get on the next mailing list for your own Mightyfix.

Did you catch the Andromeda Galaxy visible in the sky this week (4), the Moon above Mercury (7), or the Moon above Venus (10)?


Positive affirmations this week: 

Ways to feel good about yourself, and live your best life-give it 21 days:
1. Eat clean.
2. Exercise daily.
3. Positive thoughts.
4. Get inspired.
5. Create a routine.
6. In bed early.
7. Wake up early.
8. Drink more water.
9. Create a to-do list.
10. Love yourself more.

Have a nice weekend.

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