Five Simple Things (August 6)


This week was a slow week. We ended up trying a new dog shampoo on Hardy and so far so good. I will link more information about it below as part of the five this week. It's less abrasive and the best part is, Hardy seems to enjoy baths more now and he even jumps into the bathtub on his own when we say, "Come on." With his past trauma, this is a huge step for him, so we praised him a lot. We also took this week to study a lot in science and do a few experiments in the RVRS homeschool classroom. I love science and I try my best to make it fun to learn for Skylar. He enjoyed the experiments we did and even Jeff was impressed with them. You can check them out here on our homeschool classroom blog. 

1. This Company.

While shopping at Whole Foods this week I saw this produce box and couldn't help but love it. It's a mix between the future and the past. Next time you're in Whole Foods look under the produce tables and check out all of the different and cool produce boxes they have on display. There's so many and I am sure one of them will delight you just like this one did for me.

2. This Lunch.

I've literally been eating organic pot stickers and organic Brew Dr. Love kombucha all week for lunch. I love these two things a lot and the Love flavor is the Pride Edition. I got the organic pot stickers in a large bag at Costco and my "soy sauce" is Liquid Aminos. Great lunch options, if you're looking for new lunch ideas.

3. This Meal.

Baked tofu and vegan cheese was a dinner option this week. Breaded and baked tofu is a snap to make and this vegan cheese is amazing! It's from Whole Flower Farms and it's local. 

4. This Bath.

During the summer months Hardy likes to roll and lay in the dirt, so he seems to get more baths during this time than in the autumn or winter season. We've tried a lot of different dog and cat shampoos and we've finally found a favorite. This Pet Magic Shampoo smells great and actually works. It's a natural way of cleaning Hardy's coat that won't make him sick, or be an overwhelming smell that affects our sinuses for days afterwards.

5. These Maps.

Since the first of the year I've been using Lysol Germ-Cast App to track progression of the Coronavirus outbreak and have been using it since the variants have made an appearance. I've also been watching the county where my immediate relatives live, too. It's incredible watching the numbers rise every day. We still wear masks and will continue to wear them. As an introvert and someone with social and generalized anxiety I wouldn't mind wearing a mask for the rest of my life. But, that aside, this app is great at seeing exactly where the rise in numbers are and also with the flu. With the Autumn season coming, it makes it nice to be able to check out if your area is high in number of flu cases. It even lets you check areas where you plan on traveling, and gives tips on how to clean and get rid of germs in your everyday life, too. It's available on Apple and Google Play.

Did you catch the view of Saturn this week (2), or the Perseids Meteor Shower (6)?

Positive affirmations this week: 
Have a nice weekend.

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