Golfing Misery At Pineway Golf Course

We had a bit of a rough time with this golfing day, carts breaking down, drunk man yelling at Skylar, and Yellow Jackets in almost every hole, needless to say, we won't be going back to this golf course anytime soon. It seems every time we go to play golf here there's always something up, but this last time was literally the last straw. Especially, with the drunk guy coming out of the clubhouse and yelling at Skylar about driving the cart over the grass. (Side note: You are allowed to drive your cart over the grass just can't be on, or within a few feet of the greens). This guy was out of control and what made it even worse was the Yellow Jackets stinging me repeatedly. After hole nine I was so ready to go. We will stick to the better taken care of courses, that's for sure. Here's a recap of our quick game of nine holes.

My arm swollen from the multiple Yellow Jacket stings, but good news, we found a miniature tee on the eighth hole, so silver lining, right? Thank god I'm not allergic to bees.

Pineway, please take better care of your course, so people like us won't feel so pushed away. The grounds around the clubhouse need better care, as well, and having patrons of the bar feeling the need to raise their voice at a child is uncalled for. 

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  1. I wish we would have had a better time. Next time we go it will be a different course. I'm glad the stings healed up.