400+ Hours of Color

This is what we call the "tunnel of happiness" under SW Colorado Avenue near the Deschutes River in Bend Whitewater Park (Bend, Oregon). The tunnel follows the Haul Trail and is part of the Deschutes River Trail Project in the Old Mill District of the city. Tunnel artist is Tom Cramer and he created the explosion of color to help brighten your day. The outside of the tunnel was created by Sandy Klein and features spring flowers and birds prominent to the area, including Red-Winged Blackbird, Osprey, and Kingfishers, to name a few.

One more thing. This signage is in the bathrooms around a lot of the Bend parks. I wish all bathrooms would take note of this and add them to add bathrooms. Sometimes people at their lowest point use public restrooms either to go to the bathroom, or take some time to themselves to use, or contemplate their next moves. Just a subtle reminder of these could possibly save someone's life. If you are one of these people, please reach out. As much as it seems like it doesn't help, there is always someone that will do their very best to help you in some way. I've been there. It's hard and I understand. I am not ashamed anymore of my struggles and you shouldn't be either. Let's talk.

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