Sometimes Wants (Summer)

 These are the summer time "Sometimes Wants" that have caught my eye lately.
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8. Thayers Natural Lavender Face Toner, Face Mist

It's summertime, finally, right? Here are a few things I've added to my routine. I have been looking into changing up more of my skincare routine and SPF is always a plus. Being over 40, sun exposure to the face is definitely something to avoid. I've been liking ILIA products lately. Made with better ingredients and I love their skin tint with SPF. It doesn't make my skin oily, or break me out additionally to what I already deal with. Also, the All Good sunstick in coconut is amazing! The smell is heavenly and I find myself using it all over because it smells so great. With it being summer, too, time to bring in some summer scents into my car with the car diffuser, too. Spending a lot more time at the coast, those smells don't need to be brought home, especially from our wet suits. Hanging clothes on the line, refreshing drinks with some fun additions and crushed ice is great during the summertime. Along with facecare comes washing and toning. I'm loving Earthen Skincare face wash and the Thayers Lavender Toner. I like to wash my face, and then using the Thayers toner in lavender to press it into my skin. It's very hydrating and I like to use it to prep my skin before adding sunscreen or the tinted sunscreen. I also included some random items like the sunflower grow kit and sidewalk chalk to help embrace the kid inside of us. Also, some beeswax wrap DIY kit. If you haven't made the change from plastic-free to more sustainable options, this a good start. Give it a go this summer and you won't go back to cling-wrap, or even plastic food covers again! 

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