Mighty Nest (Bottle Bright)

Just a quick blog post on something we discovered through Mighty Nest. It's a bottle sanitizing tablet that works amazingly well. We don't drink the tap water here in our city. It doesn't taste right and it almost taste like a mix between way over chlorinated pool water and dirty laundry. It's an off taste and we've tried so many different ways to try to give it a cleaner taste. From charcoal sticks, to filters, to boiling and nothing has taken the taste out of the water here. So, we made a choice a few years ago to fill out water with three and five gallon jugs in the city next to us that gets their water from runoff from Mary's Peak. It's the highest mountain range on this side of the Cascades. The water is crisper, cleaner, and above all it doesn't take like a hotel swimming pool. Along with us filling we needed a way to sanitize the once in awhile between fill-ups. I went on a mad internet search looking for something that was made without harmful ingredients and also didn't change the taste of the water once we filled it. Mighty Nest, of course I've bragged about them a lot on here, had just what I was looking for. I also have seen them being sold at the local food co-op here. It's a company named Bottle Bright. Their single-use tablets get dropped down into the jug, fizz, and clean the container. You can use them for smaller water bottles, too. We don't fill the large jugs to the top and use the tablets. We end up putting about 1/4 of water in the bottle, drop the tablet in until we're ready to refill them. We let the tablet sit in the jug during that time. Once it's time to refill, we give the bottles a good shake and rinse completely. The tablet water doesn't get wasted either. We pour the water into our bathtub, sink, duck's pool, pet's bowls, etc. When it comes time to clean the jugs, everything gets a good sanitizing. 

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