Five Simple Things (June 4)


We had some sunshine this week, but a couple of days were still chilly. We did get one day of rain, so that's a good thing, especially after last year's wildfires. Hopefully, we stay calmer this year than last. We redid a lot of things in the backyard this week, but still have a ways to go. We don't want to put too much work, or effort into it since we're moving soon. But, what we did so far looks great! Looking forward to showing some of the things we've changed around and sort of "document" it on the blog. Hopefully more sun will grace us with its presence in the following week. Here are five things this week.

1. This Box.

When Yogi Surprise stopped their monthly box shipments, I went on a mad dash to find a replacement. I do miss Yogi Surprise a great deal, but KIWI Eco Box is a great replacement so far. I am loving the fact that everything in their box is sustainable and better for us and the planet. You can sign up here, for the July box shipment, or do a one-time purchase of one of their starter kits. 

2. These Geese.

Skylar and I have been getting out more and walking, or running a few blocks at a time. One of our routes takes us past Ralston Park here in the city and this was the first time we've seen Canadian Geese in the canal, especially ones with babies. I hope we see more of them around the park, it's a nice addition to the backdrop.

3. This View.

On May 28 we got a tiny view of Venus and Mercury meeting in the sky. It's a tiny view, but we enjoyed looking for it through the telescope.

4. This Episode.

This week we put out a new episode of Diabolic Evil with the story of Johann Otto Hoch. His story is similar to most of the ones we covered so far. A killer with no remorse and a selfish moral overall. You can check out this story on our Anchor page here.

5. This THC/CBD.

Trying new things this month with some CBD/THC for pain management. My anxiety has been okay for the most part and I think it has a lot to do with a good blend I've found. I'm still going to try different things until I find the right one that works for me and my issues.

We also got a glimpse of Jupiter and Saturn near the moon on May 31. It wasn't a great view through the telescope, because the moon was bright and overshadowed Jupiter and Saturn. I am eager to see what else the night sky shows before the end of summer.

Positive affirmations this week: "What has caused you joy this week?"
I don't think it's really just one thing, but a lot of little things. Nothing big really excites me anymore, but the small things I'm starting to appreciate more as I get older. I enjoyed the time I spent with Skylar running and walking this week, also the moment of looking at the night sky with my own Sky-lar. He is really a lot of fun to be around. I also enjoyed the time I spent with him recording our new episode for our podcast. He and I are really close and he does bring me a lot of joy.

Have a nice weekend.

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