Five Simple Things (June 18)


This week as been a mix of rain, gray, and chilly. Oddly enough I mentioned to Jeff that it's weird to wear a jacket still in June here. We were hoping to be able to head over to the coast to do some surfing, but we got caught up in other things this week. Our life is pretty simple, but sometimes everything seems to come at once. But, that's okay. It gives us some excitement from time to time. Last weekend though, we took some time to go over to Seaside. We haven't been there in awhile and it was a nice day trip to get out and about for the day. We rode a prom bike around the city and as many times as we've been to Seaside it was the first for all of us. It was fun, and there were other people on them, too. They were either riding with us, or would pass us going the other way. It was an interesting view of Seaside and we are definitely going to do it again. Here are five things this week.

1. These Strawberries.

Since the wildfires last year our strawberries have been struggling. But, this week we saw a little bit of red. We like to refer to the first fruit on our plants as the first gift of summer. It was nice to see a bit of life still left in our plants. Hopefully we can keep them going through all of the heat we are about to experience.

2. These Nachos.

We've been eating nachos this week every night. They are not only filling, but also a quick go-to meal for dinner. We have added random things each time and this night we had tomatoes and black olives. The night before it was avocado and onion. There's so many different varieties that you can make to mix it up.

3. These Ducks.

Just a few weeks ago we saw these same Canadian geese and their babies were smaller. It's nice to see them making it all in one piece. People like to harass the animals around the city and especially in this park, so it's nice to see them all together still.

4. This Cleaner.

This is the best cleaner for shower and bathtub cleaning. It smells great, environmentally friendly, and actually gets the job done. Meliora products are some of my favorite cleaning agents. You can pick this cleaner up here.

5. These Selfies.

I updated my about section here on the blog and decided to update it with some pictures of myself. You can read the updated version here. 

On June 17 did you catch the Summer Triangle: Vega, Deneb, and Altair, or the Crescent Moon above Mars? 

Positive affirmations this week:

Have a nice weekend.

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