At Home Campout (Snow Peak)

This week (May 29-May 31) we participated in the second annual At Home Campout with Snow Peak. It's their second year doing it, but only our first year joining in. We set up in the backyard and enjoyed two days of camping and being present in our own backyard. Next year we are definitely going to participate again. The best part about the At Home Campout is the fact that we had no definite plans for Memorial Day and this was perfect for us to celebrate. You can see more on my highlighted stories on Instagram under "Summer" highlights. We have already made plans and are going to participate in this At Home Campout every year as long as they have it. Snow Peak has a lot of great items for camping and just general use items. Edited to add the "At Home Campout recap" link.

We registered our campsite and a few days later our activity book came. It was accompanied with some fatwood starter pieces and a sticker. We also got to see our campsite/home base on the Snow Peak campsite map.

On May 29 we got the backyard all ready for our campout. We moved a few things around to accommodate our tent and camp goods.

Jeff got to enjoy his early Father's Day gift, too. It's been several years since he had a nice grill. He was pretty stoked to be able to BBQ during the campout time, too.

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