Sunset Highway Drive

We took a short day trip along the Sunset Highway to Astoria and back. It was a lot of sights to pack into one day, but here's a quick recap of our trip. 

Along the highway is a place that has a lot of logging equipment and history of logging. Camp 18 also has a restaurant that features a lot of history of the area, as well.

We made it to Astoria and had lunch at the Astoria Co-op and watched as people were coming and going from the docks. There was a cruise ship parked along the bay front and the passengers were loading the boat for another excursion down the Columbia River headed towards the Pacific Ocean.

The Flavel House Museum where the Goonies did a shot of Mikey's dad on the porch as they rode their bikes past.

The jailhouse in "The Goonies" where the beginning of the movie takes place.

Actual bullet holes in the back of the ORV from the movie.

Old fishing piers along the Columbia River in Astoria, Oregon.

Astoria–Megler Bridge that connects Oregon to Washington. Interesting enough, this bridge is all steel and is 14 miles long.

The end of the Oregon Trail in Seaside, Oregon, taking by Lewis and Clark in the 1800s.

This fountain was along Highway 101. I couldn't help by stop and admire it, especially with how it looked at night.

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