Sometimes Wants (Spring)

 These are the spring time, "Sometimes Wants," that have caught my eye lately.

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3. Observer's Notebooks (Astronomy, Birds, Butterfly, Home, Trees, Weather)

It's spring, which means, change in lip color, updating some cookware, and a few other items that have caught my eye lately. Always loving a new book, and these are great for observations around your home, or while on the road. A bottle opener, a hard case travel kit, a pocket knife, and some lip balm, could all be added to a road trip travel kit. We are looking into taking some more road trips soon, but everything is just so strange right now, that it's on hold. Also, with my anxiety struggles, puzzles have been a great thing to help me keep my mind off of things. I've been struggling a bit hard lately, and I highly recommend these two varieties of puzzles, if you have anxiety/PTSD/panic issues, as well. And, last, but definitely not least, with aging skin, face and skin care is a plus. I love powder to foam daily face cleaner. It leaves my face feeling amazing and soft. It isn't harsh and doesn't dry out my face, or break me out. 

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