Five Simple Things (May 28)


This week was another slow week for us. I love how there's weeks where there isn't much to stress about. Stress and I don't get along. I don't think it gets along with many people. On Tuesday was the one year anniversary of the death of George Floyd. It is named the Day of Enlightenment for remembrance of his death. Even though we have these memorials, remembrances, and celebrations of life, it still doesn't address the issue of what's happening. I can't believe it's already been a year since his life was snuffed out in less than 10 minutes. He didn't die in vain and I hope his family has found some peace with it since then. More and more issues of racism are slowly coming out. Discrimination and racism are a huge issue around the world. I've been personally discriminated against. It makes you feel helpless and unwanted. I just don't understand. And, during this week we suffered another moment of crisis with yet another mass shooting. Anger and bitterness will creep in and take over if you let it. And, evil really does walk among us. On a more positive note, on May 26 was the Total Lunar Eclipse. It was early in the morning here, but we were up and ready for it. We had an amazing view of the Total Solar Eclipse here in 2017. It was something I was so happy to be part of and even more so for Skylar to be part of. For all you sky watchers, the Herbal Academy also did a blog post on foods you can make to celebrate the moon. Here are five things this week.

1. This Tour.

One of our planned trips is to camp out for a weekend at Yosemite (originally Ahwahneechee land). But, in the meantime we have been enjoying these virtual tours of the park. You can virtually view the areas of Diving Board, Tuolumne Meadows, Nevada Falls, Ahwahnee Hotel, Swinging Bridge, and Hetch Hetchy. We al pretty excited to plan something soon. You can take the virtual tour of these areas here.

2. This Reminder.

We've been trying to do out part more in keeping to a slower, more simple lifestyle in our own home. We have been buying more things that last, over just convivence. It's still a long road and a work in progress, but so far we are pleased with how far we've come. One of the biggest ones is our vehicles. Unfortunately, right now we can't make any chances other than not using them as much. There's still more to do, but we will keep on pushing towards that direction and stay the course. 

3. This Eclipse.

As mentioned above we watched the Total Lunar Eclipse this week on May 23. Although, we didn't get the best view here on the west coast of the United States, the Blood Moon was still beautiful. One of my favorite things is the moon and stars at night. Skylar and I got up early to be able to view it and got good views from our own yard, but ended up heading to a shopping center parking lot to get a better view without any trees obstructing our view. It was well worth it! We also were able to see Arcturus star bright in the sky, too, on May 23. Lots of things to see in the sky at night if you just look up.

4. This Doggy.

Because sometimes he needs his sweater on and comfort from me. He turns is getting older and deserves all the love. Hardy has been such a great doggy. He has a lot of Baz's traits in him, too from all the years they spent time together. I just love that about him the most.

5. This Sign.

If this sign doesn't sum up the majority in this town, I don't know what does. 

Positive affirmations this week:

Have a nice weekend.

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