Five Simple Things (May 21)


We had quite a slow week this week and I like it that way. We were going to do a podcast episode, but decided to wait another week and put one out, on our regular schedule of podcasting. Two weeks off is a good amount of time to get things back into focus for us. I'll be honest, I just haven't had the energy to sit and research, write, or even record anything, not even the intro. Not sure what's going on, but hopefully I can get things back on track this coming week. I have enjoyed not having any tasks or responsibilities this past week, though. I didn't get outside much, but I did sort through things and get some things organized inside the house. We also painted the front vestibule area, and I am eager to share that soon. For now, we will enjoy a slow weekend and catch up on some "us" time. Here are five things this week.

1. This Car.

We love vintage and this car just gives off so much of the Downton Abbey vibe. We asked the lady sitting in the passenger seat if we could take a picture of the car and she was so thrilled that we were even interested in it. Skylar would love to have his first car being something similar to this one. 

2. This Videocall.

We were able to take a slow week, but also video conference with Jeff this week about a few things he was looking into for land options. The video call went well and came during the time that I was creating some chocolate dirt cups for our homeschool classroom week study on earthworms and other insects below the surface of the ground. Looking forward to hearing more about his land options he's found.

3. This Sign.

I love this sign. You can get one, too, for $15 from Pesticide Free Zone. But, you have to take a pledge to keep with the pesticide free zone in and around your home, office, or landscape. We took the pledge and are currently waiting on our honeybee signs and stickers. Excited to get them and use them on our new land.

4. This Cap.

I love when companies put positive quotes within their products. This bottle cap was from a LIVE Kombucha bottle, and if you haven't had this kombucha, you're missing out. Their LIVE Dr. Kombucha is my favorite. It taste like Dr. Pepper and I just love it. Right now you can get a 24 pack of these great kombuchas here

5. This Kitty.

She, like us, are ready for spring. We are looking forward to warmer temperatures and less gray skies. Hopefully this summer won't be as bad as last summer, and fingers crossed we don't get any wildfires close to our house this season. 

Did you happen to catch Mars near the moon last Saturday (15), or the moon close to Leo the Lion on Monday (19)?

A few more things:
Ways you can start living more eco-friendly and actually save money doing:

1. Use cloth napkins.
2. Cook more at home.
3. Use your crock pot or pressure cooker.
4. Eat less meat.
5. Grow your own food.
6. Start a compost pile.
7. Stop using disposable utensils and opt for reusable.
8. Stop wasting food.
9. Use a toaster oven and microwave more than the oven.
10. Use low flow in the bathroom and kitchen.
11. Turn off the water while doing tasks.
12. Repair leaks in anything.
13. Use a pool cover.
14. Make your showers shorter. Opt for under 10 minutes and work towards shorter.
15. Change out your light bulbs.
16. Turn down the heat.
17. Get better insulation.
18. Carpool when you can.
19. Look into installing solar.
20. Unplug.
21. Buy more energy-efficient.
22. Fix things when broken instead of buying new.
23. Line dry your clothing, even in winter (inside).
24. Turn off lights.
25. Wash your clothes in cold water and for the proper water level. 
26. Have a yard sale and downsize, or donate, and get rid of junk.
27. Buy used or pre-owned before new.
28. Recycle everything you can and whenever you can.
29. Reduce your paper usage. (go paperless, and print less).
30. Make your own beauty products and skincare products.
31. Buy in bulk.
32. Create a capsule wardrobe. 
33. Create your own food stock instead of impulse buying.
34. Borrow tools before buying new (if you can).
35. Bring in or buy more house plants to help cleanse indoor air quality.

Have a nice weekend.

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