Pioneer Cemetery/Pioneer Cemetery Park (Springfield, Oregon)

Pioneer Cemetery has been on our local bucket list for awhile now and this week we finally got to walk through it and tour the grounds. It was established in 1866 officially, but was used by the Elias Briggs and his wife to bury their children in 1852. It's hard sometimes looking at these cemeteries and not feel empathy for these poor families that went through such heartache. I can't imagine burying one child, let alone several. The history behind this cemetery is in the first picture. The family brought forth the idea to make the cemetery official in a way to honor their children. The city of Springfield, Oregon, agreed and made it an official burial spot in 1866. In 1872 they plotted two acres and the cemetery was used as a burial place for the area's loved ones until 1900. The cemetery fell into despair and in 1978, the city cleaned up the cemetery and honored the pioneer families and their loved ones buried at this spot. It's been part of the city's historical places ever since.

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