Five Simple Things (April 30)


This week we took a few road trips and explored a few areas and places we haven't been to before. We also looked into getting some new mattresses for each of our beds, "Jeff's" bed included. Jeff's bed is one we got before my surgery, so he would have a place to sleep and be able to take care of me. We like to joke that it's like the dressing room bed on Downton Abbey. He does have clothes in that room, too, so it's an ongoing joke with us. Skylar and I also put out a new podcast episode this week about a lady that had a mental illness and took it out on her husbands. We've both been enjoying the history and horror behind out podcast. There is so many serial killers just in the 1800s it's unbelievable. There's so many things we've learned in the last few months that we are in firm belief that the world is full of horrible people. Kind, friendly, and honest people are few and far between. So, as the saying goes, "In a world where you can be anything, be kind." Here are five things this week.

1. This Sky.

A view of the skyline during our road trips this week.

2. These Gangsters. 

We took the gangster and mob quiz at The Mob Museum of L.A. We got some pretty accurate results, but of course, it's all in fun. You can take the quiz here to see what your gangster role would be in the mob. 

3. This Depot.

While we were taking a few day trips this week Skylar wanted to check out a few train depots and along the way we found this lumber mill and with an operating water tower. Sometimes the history behind these places is overlooked and under appreciated. Or, at least we think so.

4. This Wine.

I'm not a wine drinker, but I couldn't help but buy one of these. I'm not sure if I will leave it on display, or possibly use it for cooking, but either way, I'm glad I bought it. 

5. This Episode.

Our newest episode of the podcast is out this week. You can check it out at the podcast link above, or on the Diabolic Evil website here

Did you get a chance to see Mercury close to Venus this week, or the Super Pink Full Moon?

Positive affirmations this week: 

Having hard conversations is one thing a lot of people avoid, but at times is necessary. Letting people know if what they've said have affected you, or their actions, is important to discuss. This is especially true for people you're around all the time. Certain family members, relatives, coworkers, bosses, or even employees (if you're the boss). Communication is something that a lot of people aren't good at and a lot of times people like to be "sweepers." Sweeping issues away isn't only damaging to you, but it also sets up your future interactions with said person. The amount of what you tolerate from them allows them the permission to continue to treat you with disrespectful behavior. As hard as the conversation may seem, it will be beneficial for you in the long-term, so have those difficult conversations. The tips below can help guide you in the right direction, if needed. But, difficult conversations have a lot of subcategories, too. My thought is this, give yourself 48 hours. If you are still upset after 48 hours then have that difficult conversation. If not, let it go. Your mental health isn't worth stressing over someone else's short-comings, or misbehavior.


Have a nice weekend.

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