Five Simple Things (April 2)


This week we tried the soap berries/nuts that came in this month's Kiwi Eco Box. They were pleasantly surprising. We also went back to Gorge Performance in Portland to check out some of their surfboards. We have a few in mind that we want, but we need more practice on the foam boards for right now. I am really enjoying surfing and I have found myself wanting to go surfing during the week, even. It's very addicting. We also had a lot of spring show it's colors this week and one including the cherry tree in the backyard. It's always so pretty this time of year and loads of honeybees and other pollinators love it, too. Here are five things this week.

1. This Shop.

This place has become one of our favorite places to hang out now. They are super nice here and they seem to always have what we're looking for. We love them!

2. This Box.

In this month's Kiwi Eco Box was soap berries/nuts and we enjoyed using them. They are supposed to clean just as well as regular laundry detergent and they really did clean well. I am going to keep using them until they are used up and then compost them. Definitely an eco-friendly alternative. You can sign up for next month's Kiwi Eco Box here.

3. These Blooms.

The best thing about having a cherry tree in the backyard is when it blooms in the spring and all of the pollinators come to visit it. And, the cherries, of course.

4. This Wash.

The car wash in our city installed neon lights as you go through the wash and Skylar and I love it. Since getting my car, it's been fun driving it through. I love how my car looks all clean and shiny. 

5. This Episode.

We spent this week recording our latest episode of the podcast and edited a few places to possibly work in some background sounds like car keys jingling, car horns, horses hooves, etc. We are hoping to incorporate some sounds in possibly the next season, but right now we are just experimenting. You can listen to this latest episode at the podcast link at the top of the blog, or here

Positive affirmations this week: "What was the last thing that made you laugh?"
During a road trip with Skylar and Jeff and Skylar telling us jokes. His laugh makes me laugh. I love how genuine his laughs are and how pure his laughter is. He is such a great, funny, and awesome kid.

Have a nice weekend.

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