Five Simple Things (March 5)


We took a road trip once more to Cape Kiwanda to surf some of the waves there. There wasn't many large swells, but we got some practice in. Surfing is a very addicting sport and we have found ourselves wanting to go all the time. Most surfers will agree that surfing is about 50% success and 50% practicing once you get up and know your limits. You can fall 10 times before hitting that perfect ride. But, that perfect ride is what it's worth and it makes you want to keep chasing that high you get from it. I love it! Here are five things this week.

1. This View.

Our daytrip to Cape Kiwanda was a nice day to get out and about away from all the stressors of the Valley. We ended up walking along the beach and enjoying the sun setting.

2. This Kitty.

Sometimes cats are great. I just love how playful Eleven is. She may be four, but she's still a kitty a lot of times. 

3. This Plane.

On our way to Cape Kiwanda we got to see a Piper Cub being brought into the Tillamook Air Museum. It was an original plane that was going to be put on display inside the museum. I'll have to say, it may seen boring to watch an old war plane being transported, but it was pretty cool.

4. This Message.

During our trip to Cape Kiwanda I wrote this message in the sand. I posted about it on Instagram, and I do hope it helped someone feel better about their life and themselves. Because, no matter what, you are loved, regardless of what others may tell you.

5. This Episode.

Our latest episode of the podcast is out and live. You can listen to it under the podcast link at the top of the blog, or listen to it here. 

Positive affirmations this week: 

Working on stopping comparing my present self to my past self. Although, it's getting easier to do, it's other people that still think the past me is present me. It's unfortunate that you come such a long way when others still have you in the past bubble. It's not your fault, it's theirs. You grew, you moved on, and you learned. If they can't value that, then those are their issues, not yours. And, according to this poll from Selfcare is a Priority, I am not alone. It's an everyday struggle to get past, but it is doable. 

Have a nice weekend.

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