Five Simple Things (March 26)


This week we did a few errand runs to different places in Portland that we've been putting off. We did a run to IKEA and to Gorge Performance to grab a few things we needed for surfing. We also got a strange burst of weather at the start of the week. It rained a bit and got colder, but then warmed back up and it sleeted for about 15 minutes. It was odd. Things are definitely changing here on the Pacific Coast. It's either too hot, too cold, or odd weather changes. People joke a lot about the weather here in Oregon, and other places of, if you don't like the weather just wait five minutes. That day it sleeted that statement definitely could have been applied. It was bizarre. Global warming is making itself be known here on the Pacific Coast. I've been here almost 17 years and I see the changes a lot within that time period. People that deny that something is happening, I'm not sure where they live, but it clearly isn't in areas that are seeing the effects. Here are five things this week.

1. This Rainbow.

Part of our errand runs took us to Portland to IKEA to pick up a few things for our house. We've been wanting to replace a few things that were not that great for the environment and IKEA had just what we wanted. During that time we also stopped at the golf store for Jeff and when we were leaving this beautiful rainbow made its appearance. Rainbows have become a comfort for us since the passing of Baz and we always think of him when we see him. The reason being, the day after he died we were all heartbroken and honestly devastated. The brightest rainbow we've ever seen was in the sky and it hadn't even rained. It comforted us knowing it was him letting us know he was okay and we will be okay, too. So, seeing it during our errands gave us a sense of happiness.

2. This Box.

The Fab Fit Fun summer box was loaded with great things this season. I am especially loving the Short Stories lighted growing pot. It's currently sitting on my window sill waiting for the basil seeds to sprout. I am also excited about the fitness band and ball. I've been doing more core work and this was perfect! You can sign up for the autumn box here.

3. This Ending.

I am honestly sad to see Yogi Surprise come to an end. I've been with them since the first box came out. It was one of the best subscription boxes I've ever had and they are the ones that got me started on monthly boxes. This month was the last box and it was packed full of great things. One of the main products I love from the box is the green tea face wash and the diffuser nose ring. I am really going to miss them, but I am so glad they were part of my yoga journey the whole time.

4. These Cupcakes.

We tried some vegan cupcakes from Elegant Elephant Baking Company in Eugene, Oregon. Their white icing on the chocolate cupcakes are amazing! 

5. This Weather.

This sleet fell this week and it was a bit alarming. It was sunny just 30 minutes before and then it got cold and sleeted. The last year here in Oregon has been weird.

Positive affirmations this week: "Envisioning your dream life what does it look like?"
Honestly, my dream life isn't conventional. I'd love to live in a Sprinter Van, traveling, and living day by day. It's a dream I've had for awhile. One of these days I plan to make that happen. Traveling and experiencing life is one of the dreams everyone should have.

Have a nice weekend.

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