Five Simple Things (March 19)


This week we took a few trips to look at land options in central Oregon, as well as did some surfing and looked at land along the coast. We haven't quite decided exactly what we're looking for, but we have made a list of things we don't want, so that's a start. It was ridiculously windy at the coast, so we did more falling and waiting on our board than anything else. It was exhausting, but we all definitely got a good workout. We traveled all the way to Millican looking at land. Millican is a peaceful area and not a lot of houses around, and it's about 25 miles east of Bend, Oregon. It's mostly land for recreational purposes than residence, but along the recreational land there is a few plots sprinkled in that are approved for building. Hopefully, we can find something soon and can play a move from the Willamette Valley. I am definitely looking forward to that day. Here are five things this week.

1. These Flowers. 

A lot of people consider Wild Violet annoying, same with Dandelions, but I always like seeing these little, purple flowers, because it means spring has sprung. 

2. This Kitty.

We got her a new toy from Might Nest and she loves it. It's the Boba & Vespa Snake Cat Toy with Catnip. They also have a Stingray and Hemp Dog Bone. 

3. This Surfing.


The coast was windy, but we definitely had a great time and we love practicing our surfing.

4. This Tweet.

I posted this on Twitter back in December and it's still helping people. I'm so glad to read some of the replies and messages that reading that tweet made them feel better. This is how social media should be used instead of fighting over politics and other nonimportant factors.

5. This Episode. 

Our latest podcast episode is out and it's a mystery. You can listen to this newest episode here.

Positive affirmations this week: "What goal is next on your list?" 
To find suitable land in central Oregon and  move from the Willamette Valley. Really looking forward to that. We should have done this years ago, but the timing never lined up right for us and then Coronavirus hit and set us back a bit. But, now we're on it and hopefully will find something soon and be able to move within the year. We plan on being here another summer and really pulling all of the stops out to finding something before the end of the year. We aren't putting too much pressure on ourselves, and we are just letting it come when it comes.

Have a nice weekend.

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