Five Simple Things (January 8)


Still enjoying the downtime and selfcare from the last year. We've been working on more time at home and focusing on what's important. The day I came home from the hospital wasn't great. Abuse is something that I am still trying to recover from through my childhood and at times, the abusers don't seem to grasp the concept that I need to avoid them. There are times were I question my own reactions and responses to the abuse, but at the time I did the best I could with what I knew. I wish I could go back and give my younger self a hug and tell her it's okay, it's going to be okay, and you'll turn out okay. I think things would have been better for me if I had just one person in my life then to tell me that they believe in me and they support me. The phrase of, "The abused becomes the abuser" isn't true. We are all responsible for our own choices in life and at times the abuser doesn't want to see others abused the same why they were. This week has been rough. I have a heart monitor on to record my high levels of anxiety and figure out the triggers, but I already know the triggers, and right now I am avoiding them and focusing on me. Some may say that's selfish, but you wouldn't tell someone with a broken leg to walk it off. Hopefully the coming days will be less triggering and the people that cause it take a hard look at themselves and realize you can't live your life like you are and still consider me part of it. Here are five things this week.

1. This Tree.

Our city's Christmas tree this year. There wasn't a tree-lighting "ceremony" this year because of the pandemic, we never go anyway, but we took a few minutes one night and took some shots of it. The last storm took out the top of the tree and it was a bit shorter than in previous years, but it was still pretty against the park background.

2.This Chocolate.

We've been switching our foods over to more USDA organic options and one of the options I've been enjoying is how good organic chocolate tastes. This snowman was in my stocking from "Santa Claus" and it was delicious. I've also found a great online store that offers a great selection of organic treats and vegan options. Check them out here!

3. This Kitty.

Whoever tossed this cat out is an idiot. She's been such a great cat. She turned four on December 11 and her personality is coming around. She literally has such a great demeanor to her and I love that she likes me. 

4. This House.

Another Christmas gift of mine. It's a small greenhouse and I've had my eye on it for awhile. It was supposed to be a Mother's Day gift for me, but at the time that Skylar and Jeff went to get it they were sold out. So, it's technically a Mother's Day/Christmas gift, but either way, I love it. I spent New Year's Day putting it together and it was well worth it. You can get one here.

5. This Light.

This was another one of my Christmas gifts and I love it because it reminds me again of Meia. I use this light at night to look for things on my nightstand instead of turning the big light on. I just love it. I want to glue some small felt ears to the top to make it even more realistic for me. You can get one here.

Our latest podcast episode is out. Check it out at the page link above this blog.
Positive affirmations this week: "What's been empowering you lately?" 

Being able to set boundaries with myself and distancing myself from those that don't build me up. 2021 is going to be the year of change for me. Changing how I associate with people. I've gotten to a point where I don't want to engage in people pleasing and negative energy. There is one thing I would like to say to these people (even blood relatives): You should learn to build others up and not tear them down. Here's to living my best life!

Have a nice weekend.

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