Five Simple Things (January 29)


Wow, January went by rather quickly, it seems. We've been focusing on our homeschool classroom and getting things back in order to start a new year. I can't believe Skylar is going to be in the eleventh grade this year. Next year he will be a senior and I am sad about that. We've had a good eight years of homeschool and I've really enjoyed teaching him. We've both learned a lot through this process, but we have a solid two years left to pack in as much as we can. Skylar told us that he wants to go to medical school. I expected him to go to college, but never did I expect him to go to medical school. Of course, we will do everything in our means to make that happen for him and support him in whatever he decides to do with his life. We also went to the bay front this week to have dinner. Newport, Oregon, just has a different feel to it at night. I love how quiet it is there when the sun goes down. Here are five things this week.

1. This Gate.

This was a gate we saw near Salem, Oregon. I've looked online, but can not find any information as to what this is, or what it means, but the fact that an actual crow was sitting on the gate, made my day!

2. This Doggy.

Such a good boy. He turned 12 recently and is still as spunky as he was when we adopted him from the Humane Society. 

3. This Evening.

Dinner in Newport, Oregon, this week was magical. It was calm and quiet and gave us a moment to enjoy the bay front in a different way. Fisherman were hard at work, though, pulling in and cleaning their catch from the day. It was a nice evening.

4. These Boxes.

These two subscription boxes came this week. The one on the left is the Cairn box and the one on the right is Kiwi Eco Box for January. We love these boxes, but have decided to cancel the Cairn box soon. We have loved everything that's come in the boxes each month, but we are focused on a more eco-friendly lifestyle and downsizing more, so it doesn't suit our needs anymore. The Kiwi Eco Box, however we will be continuing and I highly recommend this box if you are looking to change your lifestyle like we are. You can sign up for next month's box here.

5. These Edibles.

Finding these edibles have been great this week. I got a few of them to last me a few months. They are 50mg doses and I cut them into 5mg doses. These edibles are actually taffy and are real fruit with THC oils added. They are perfect for now and the 5mg actually takes the edge off from my anxiety. I cut them up and place them in an air tight container until needed. 

Our latest podcast episode is out. Check it out at the podcast link above.

Positive affirmations this week: 

Have a nice weekend.

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