Five Simple Things (January 15)


The new year hasn't really lessened the blow from the Coronavirus pandemic and it's unfortunate that people are still losing their lives. I'm just glad we have a new president in office and a lot of the stress from the past one is starting to die down. I'm not political, I just don't like all the negativity that was the result of the last one in office. It seemed to just bring out the worst in people. We live in a "blue" state here in Oregon, but we live in a very "red" county. We've seen a lot of things the last two years that were unbelievable. Being yelled at while walking into a grocery store that we are sheep for wearing a mask is just beyond ridiculous. There's people protesting over things they can't control, and then there's people holding signs that the election was stolen. It's almost too much. My anxiety has been getting better, but leaving the house is becoming more of an irritation than anything else. I've started using more online services for things just so I don't have to see these people standing around screaming. Hopefully, it all dies down sooner than later. On a positive, we saw a beautiful skyline again, and received a few of our subscription boxes, so we had a good week otherwise. I got my heart monitor removed and sent in for analyses. Looking forward to seeing the results from that soon. Here are five things this week.

1. These Lights.

An ambulance was called for a neighbor down the street, not sure why, but the lights lit up the bedroom. Jeff said that they were okay otherwise, but the lights seemed so bright in the middle of the night while they leaked through the curtains.

2. These Boxes.

I received the Laura Mercier box from Influenster to try for free. I love this brand and the blemish stick is amazing! The one to the right is from Mighty Nest and the razor was the Mighty Fix and the reusable garbage bag and sustainable toilet brush was the add on. I love everything in this box this month.

Another Influenster free gift to try. We having used Velveeta in such a long time, so it was nice to receive this for free and make some cheese dip with it. I forget how great Velveeta taste and we used it for a "cheat" day meal. It was delicious!

This is the Cairn box for December. With the Coronavirus pandemic, it was backed up with shipping and we received it this week with the January box below.

This was the Mully box for January and Jeff loves this box. They really have great items in their boxes each month. If you're into golf this is definitely the box to try.

This is January's Cairn box. If you're into camping, hiking, or even just some outdoors time, give this one a go.

3. This Sunset.

Amazing sunsets this week. This one was glowing pink and red and was impossible to miss. 

4. This Syrup.

It's one of my favorite things from IKEA and I love that they've gone more eco-friendly with the packaging. If you haven't tried this, you're missing out. It's delicious and it's alcohol-free.

5. This Spider.

Most people flip out over spiders in their house and most of the time we catch them and put them back outside, but this one is allowed to stay. It's has a web spun around the nightlight and I can't bring myself to destroy it. For now it can stay. Spiders don't live that long and I hope it hangs out for awhile. It's quite interesting to look at.

Our latest podcast episode is out. Check it out at the podcast page at the top of this blog. It's a good one, too!
Positive affirmations this week: I love this quote. If you bring negative energy into our home you will be asked to leave. You can pick this sign up here.
Have a nice weekend.

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