Surf Day

We got to fit in another surf trip this past weekend. We were able to determine that the foam board we have isn't quite big enough for Jeff, but Skylar and I rocked it. I enjoy the thrill of waiting for a wave to come in and just going for it. It's funny, as many times as I've been in the ocean, I still get startled the first time the water gets in my mouth. It's like I forget how salty it is each time we go, but once it happens I immediately remembers. I don't think a lot of people realize how salty the ocean water is. I'm sure it tastes differently in different bodies of water, but the Pacific is like the worst cold broth you've ever tasted. ☺

Our surf boots are awesome. They look odd, but we find this design allows for better grip of the board. You can grab a pair here.

My contacts love the saltwater and so does my skin. 

We love our Wave Storm foam sticks. They are great for beginners and help you learn the basics of surfing. They are affordable and come with everything you need to get started with surfing, even if you've never been before. You can snag a board here and here.
(April 18, 2021)

Jackite Flight

Have you heard of Jackites? These paper kites are used as kites, but also used as a stable pole flyer, too. 

They are made of Tyvek, which is a synthetic material that is water-resistant, tear-resistant, and withstands a lot of "abuse" over time. The Jackites are durable and can be left out in the rain, or even the worst wind conditions. We picked ours up at the local Wild Birds Unlimited in Corvallis, Oregon, but there are several other retailers that carry them. 

Ours is placed on a fiberglass pole with braided fishing line, with a swivel hook attached to the pole and the kite's top. There is a fiberglass rod across the back of the kite to keep its wings out-stretched. When the wind picks up the kite takes flight and actually flaps its wings as if it were really flying.

Even in the strongest winds that we get here in the Willamette Valley the Jackite flies strong. 

We mainly got ours for a companion for our ducks, but unfortunately they are wise and knew it was a decoy. Other birds seem to enjoy it, though. The Starlings will land near it and chatter away with it, or the Doves will perch on the pole and when the wind picks up they fly with it. 

Ours is the Mallard Jackite, but there's several others that are just as cool. We didn't get the birds of prey because we didn't want to scare our ducks, or backyard birds. A few of our favorites are below. You can get your own Jackite by clicking on the image of the one you like best.

Five Simple Things (June 18)


This week as been a mix of rain, gray, and chilly. Oddly enough I mentioned to Jeff that it's weird to wear a jacket still in June here. We were hoping to be able to head over to the coast to do some surfing, but we got caught up in other things this week. Our life is pretty simple, but sometimes everything seems to come at once. But, that's okay. It gives us some excitement from time to time. Last weekend though, we took some time to go over to Seaside. We haven't been there in awhile and it was a nice day trip to get out and about for the day. We rode a prom bike around the city and as many times as we've been to Seaside it was the first for all of us. It was fun, and there were other people on them, too. They were either riding with us, or would pass us going the other way. It was an interesting view of Seaside and we are definitely going to do it again. Here are five things this week.

1. These Strawberries.

Since the wildfires last year our strawberries have been struggling. But, this week we saw a little bit of red. We like to refer to the first fruit on our plants as the first gift of summer. It was nice to see a bit of life still left in our plants. Hopefully we can keep them going through all of the heat we are about to experience.

2. These Nachos.

We've been eating nachos this week every night. They are not only filling, but also a quick go-to meal for dinner. We have added random things each time and this night we had tomatoes and black olives. The night before it was avocado and onion. There's so many different varieties that you can make to mix it up.

3. These Ducks.

Just a few weeks ago we saw these same Canadian geese and their babies were smaller. It's nice to see them making it all in one piece. People like to harass the animals around the city and especially in this park, so it's nice to see them all together still.

4. This Cleaner.

This is the best cleaner for shower and bathtub cleaning. It smells great, environmentally friendly, and actually gets the job done. Meliora products are some of my favorite cleaning agents. You can pick this cleaner up here.

5. These Selfies.

I updated my about section here on the blog and decided to update it with some pictures of myself. You can read the updated version here. 

On June 17 did you catch the Summer Triangle: Vega, Deneb, and Altair? 

Positive affirmations this week:

Have a nice weekend.

Five Simple Things (June 11)


This week we saw the sun all of about five minutes on two days. It's been cloudy here and raining off and on for the past five days. I was hoping to get out and get some sunshine throughout this week, but no dice. Also, on Wednesday, I pulled something on the left side of my back. I've had a long recovery from my surgery and the back issues are normal during the "transition" phase, or so I was told. It's been a year since my surgery and I have come a long way since, but I wish it would go a bit faster, so I don't have issues like I do right now. We were hoping to go to the coast this weekend and get some surfing in, camp in the car, and just enjoy the moment, but with my back as bad as it is right now, I don't think that's going to happen. It's okay, I have things to do here that will be just fine. I would much rather heal correctly than aggravate it more surfing. Knowing my luck, I'd get up on a good wave and crash wrong and completely throw my back out and I would be miserable even longer. So, this weekend, we are homebodies. Here are five things this week.

1. This Redo.

Even though we rent, we like to keep things at least looking semi decent. We decided this week to repaint the front vestibule. It needed a coat of white pain on the walls and the ceiling (which hasn't been painted previously), and a nice coat of gray concrete paint on the floor. We think it looks a lot better.

2. This "Fix."

I love these Stasher bags from last month's Might Fix. We love taking these on day hikes, road trips, and even when flying. This month's "Fix" was a Baggu reusable shopping bag. Which, going along with our efforts to be more sustainable, this was a perfect one for us. You can get on the list for next month's Fix here.

3.  This Surfboard.

We finally were able to get our own surfboard. Renting was starting to get annoying. We went with the Wavestorm foam longboard to try it out and then plan on upgrading soon. This foam board is awesome for beginners.

4. These Boxes.

We have been getting the Mully golf box and the Cairn outdoor box for a year now and canceled this past May. We have fully enjoyed them, but we always try out of new subscription box for a year and find new ones to try out for another year. I do encourage these boxes to anyone that's into golf, or adding to their camping, hiking, or day trip stash. 

5. This Sky.

The two days of sun that we saw this week. It was cloudy skies mostly with a bit of rain. Which, given there's already wildfires burning here, we aren't complaining. But, hopefully more sunshine will come and we can at least soak in some Vitamin D this season. Vitamin D helps with depression and mental health, so it's always necessary, especially for me.

•Did you get a chance to see the Ring of Fire eclipse on June 10, or the Spring Triangle on June 6? Here on the west coast we didn't get a chance, but seeing pictures online of it reminded me of the total solar eclipse we got to see here in Oregon.


Positive affirmations this week: 

Have a nice weekend.