Five Simple Things (December 4)


We were hoping for snow this week, but no dice. Hopefully we get some, but doesn't look like it. I've lived here over 15 years now and the snow used to come closer to Christmas and the New Year, then it slowly started coming closer to February, and now the past few years it doesn't come at all. With the intense wildfires this past summer, people that claim global warming isn't real I just want to look at them and ask, "where the hell do you live that you can't see the change?" Maybe that's too blunt, but how dumb can you really be? Humans are causing it with our destruction on the planet and the not caring about what they are doing. I switched many years age, about 10, to cloth menstrual pads and when I was on Facebook I posted the change proudly. It shocked me how many people stated that it was gross and that they don't mind certain things going to the landfill. My own sister even. I was saddened by their responses. If one person doesn't mind non-compostable items going to the landfill times that by 1 million people. That's a lot of destruction on the planet by just one single item. I blame their thoughts on mostly habit and complacency. Not caring enough to change is a huge issue with a lot of things, really. Hopefully over time people's thoughts will change. With my sister, her thoughts will change when most of the people she is around do it because she's a follower. Then she'll come back and say she thought of it first. Well, whatever floats your boat and gets you to be more environmentally friendly, say whatever you want. We can't make change without some sort of change anyway. I do hope she comes around and makes some positive changes with her lifestyle. Here are five things this week.

1. This Set.

Our longtime used spatula finally took a dive and broke. We've had it for at least 10 years and it was a real bummer that it broke, but we did find some proper replacements. These are Hibachi spatulas and are made to take a beating. They are Leonyo griddle spatulas and can be used on cast iron, too. You can snag the set here.

2. This Kitty.

With the wildfire smoke gone there's still lasting affects with our pets. Poor Eleven has been coughing, but she's getting better with her breathing. Hopefully, she's able to clear it out completely soon and won't require a trip to the veterinarian. 

3. This Print.

We took a trip to IKEA to get a few things and on the way to the checkout line we saw this deer print. Since Skylar was about seven years old he started wanting to be called The Deer. We took a trip to Sun River and there were deer all over. Even in the front lawn of the house we stayed in. Ever since that trip, Skylar has been nicknamed Deer. This print caught our eye and we loved how clean and simple it was.

4. These Bracelets.

Our wildfire support bracelets came a few weeks ago and we are super pleased with the fact that our purchase goes to help with the wildfire efforts this year. 

5. This Ride.

I have not felt like riding my bike lately, but Jeff and Skylar have been going, but this past week I decided to join them. With learning to surf and other health reason, I've lost interest in bike riding lately. I'm not sure if that feeling will come back where I ride on a regular basis, but I will join them at random times when I feel like a surge of energy. I prefer the feeling of water under my feet more than pedals. 

I also received the December Yogi Surprise this week. It was a great collection of items and products to enhance my yoga practice and all around well being.

Positive affirmations this week: "How do you handle anger and frustration?"
Crying and talking it out. Honestly, I don't get angered a lot anymore and just try to approach the setback, or emotion from a logical angle. The only thing that seems to push me to the point where I end up getting frustrated is other people and their judgement, or shitty behavior. I feel that selfishness is a huge issue with a lot of people anymore. And, I'm not talking about selfcare type of selfishness, I am talking about the can't be bothered with your life selfishness. There's a bold line between focusing on yourself and treating others like crap. Unfortunately, I share blood with some of these people and that only is frustrating and at times confuses me a great deal. I do not let people anger me, though. They do not get that power or control over me. I end up getting upset, trying to figure out how I can respond differently to their comments or actions, and in the end I talk it out with those that love me and I learn better ways of handling it. On a side note: Even if you are related to the "problem" people, you have a choice in distancing yourself from them and their behavior. No matter what they try to tell you in a manipulative/gaslighting way, you ALWAYS have a choice. 

Have a nice weekend.

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