Five Simple Things (December 18)


We have been going through our two Christmas boxes this week and getting rid of a lot of it. I haven't been into the holidays for the past three or four years now. I honestly am just blah about holiday time and the decorations over the years have just been sitting in a box in the attic. So, this week we decided to remedy that and only keep things that have earned a place in our house. Some older decorations, like bubble lights I've had since my first Christmas tree in my first place didn't make the cut. They are cool, but I haven't put them on our tree in several years, so I decided to just let them go. Other decorations that I didn't buy myself, and weren't my style ended up in the donation box, as well. We ended up getting a fake tree this year because I just haven't had the energy to do much since my surgery. It's slowly coming back, but isn't 100% yet. Other than minimizing holiday d├ęcor, we've been having a mellow week. We were hoping for a bit of snow, but nothing has been seen so far. Oh, well...maybe sometime after the new year we will see some flurries. My anxiety issues have been intense lately and I've done everything I can think of to calm myself down. The breathing techniques I've learned have helped a bit, but I'm hoping once the new year comes and we put some time between 2020 it will help. Here are five things this week.

1. This Award.

Of all the years he gave up his own time to the community, he was finally recognized for his dedication. We are so proud of him!

2. This Calendar. 

This was the first year that we've tried a countdown calendar for Skylar. We filled the little bags with gift cards, candy, school supplies, and a few random notes from Jeff and me. Skylar loved it and even though he is older, it's still something we will continue into the future.

3. This Kitty.
She's finally over her cough she had this past season. We think it was smoke-related. It's unfortunate how many animals suffered this past season. Our animals were taken care of, but I think about all the ones that weren't. It's been a rough year all the way around.

4. This Peeler.
Our vegetable peeler broke this week. It was a peeler we've had for at least 10 years, so it was a bummer that it broke. The head of the peeler was getting a bit rusty and overtime I guess the stress of that snapped it. But, I found this one from Honsen and we just love it. And, it's perfect timing for Christmas coming up and the simple dinners we do. You can get the same one here.

5. These Edibles.

Still looking into ways to control panic issues. The dispensary recommended these and they are okay. They taste good, but overall they don't quite take the edge off like I'm looking for. 

The new way to see Santa this year.
Positive affirmations this week:

Have a nice weekend.

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