Five Simple Things (December 11)


We put out a podcast this week, but other than that, we did nothing. Well, we did clean up some of the backyard more and placed more things out curbside. We are getting to the point where we are happy with the downsizing we've done do far in the yard and the garage. There is still more to go, but we are definitely able to let go easier than we thought. We got rid of an air compressor, a smoker, a gazebo structure, lawn chairs, weed eater, garden structures and decorations, garden tools, an outdoor rug, and a few other things. Oddly enough, the moment we set all of it out on the curb with free on it, it was gone in less than an hour. We hope it comes in handy for people to use and helps someone out during this time. It's not much, but who knows, everyone can use something, sometimes. Here are five things this week.

1. This Picture.

My "Aunt" Paula sent me this picture this week and I think it's fantastic! It's a picture of my cousins and me at some random relatives get-together; probably Easter. The dresses we have on were Easter dresses, but I could be wrong. My aunt said it was one she found going through things. She's always good about sending surprise pictures to me and making me smile and remember things as a child. I hope I get all of her pictures, at least the ones that I'm in, when she is gone. She has some good ones. I'm the one on the right-hand side. The only girl smiling and facing "a" camera. (My sister is the one rolling her eyes; Typical)

2. This Kitty.

With the little bit of sunshine this week this little kitty took advantage and so did I. I wish we had snow, but I will take the sun, too.

3. This Sky.

Definitely liking seeing the blue skies over what happened this year. It's nice to see the sun coming out and bright and warm over orange, red, and blocked by smoke.

4. This Snack.

I've been getting my appetite back slowly from my surgery and this has become my go-to snack since then. It's either apple and peanut butter or graham crackers and peanut butter. And, I always love a nice glass of cold milk. 

5. This Coloring.

Skylar gave it to me on one of my really bad mental health days. It hangs next to my bed and I look at it and I'm reminded that it will get better. I love him so much!

Our recent episode of our podcast is out. This episode is on Delphine LaLaurie and the Cajun south of Louisiana. You can check it out here, or click on the Podcast link at the top of my blog. 

One last thing: I received a test product from Influenster this week. It's the Pond's Rejuveness Skin Tightening Serum. I've been using it for a few days now and I do see some subtle results, especially around the neck and chest area. I do like how it feels on the skin, though. Influenster sent me this free for testing purposes and you can sign up to become and Influenster, too, here. You can also purchase this serum here and test it our for yourself.
Positive affirmations this week:  
Always lead in your own direction. Don't wait to be told what to do with what's best for your life.

Have a nice weekend.

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