Vista House-Crown Point (Columbia River Gorge)

Skylar and I took a small day trip to Crown Point Scenic Corridor and through the Columbia River Gorge. We wanted to get out of the house for a bit, unfortunately Jeff was at work and it seems that most of our day trips don't include him because of his work schedule. In the middle of the pandemic there wasn't a lot of people around and we ended up at Vista House. Vista House is a overlook of the Columbia River and the view was amazing. -Even through the gray skies. (The Vista House is currently closed because of the pandemic, but the outer ring of the house is accessible to the public with respect to the area)

“It could serve as a comfort station for the tourist and the travelers of America’s greatest highway and inspire the traveler along the highway making the wonders of the gorge accessible. And, I suggest it be known as the Vista House." -Samuel Lancaster, Assistant Highway Engineer for Multnomah County in 1913. Supervisor of the Columbia River Highway project.

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