Five Simple Things (November 13)


Happy Friday the Thirteenth. I'm not too superstitious, and as Michael Scott would say on "The Office," "I'm a little stitious." It's fun to think of superstitions, but some of them were based out of fear and to cause fear in people and that aspect is not fun, at all. But, it's been a nice week to relax. Skylar and I went through a lot of things in the garage this week and donated a lot of unnecessary items that we haven't used in awhile. As I've stated before, every once in awhile I like to do a purge of things to keep the clutter at bay. Which, the last few years hasn't been that bad because we make sure to purchase things with intention. Bring things into the house that aren't needed is what we've been working on the last few years and we've gotten better at it. It's a practice that has to be constant, or you will fall back on old habits. The influence of others is tough, too. It's almost like people think they NEED to buy things all the time and you really don't need to do any of that. I'm a habitual list maker and grocery shopping, there's a list. Traveling, there's a list. Clothes shopping, there's a list. I literally make a list for everything to stay on task and not bring in unnecessariness into our home. There's a lot of minimalist ideas and views at the link at the top of the blog. Slowly over the next year I will be adding to it as I make minimalist posts on the blog. If you're looking for ways to cut the clutter in your home and life, check it out. For now, here are five things this week,

1. This Sky.

The old saying goes, "Pink sky at night, sailor's delight," But, this kind of sky is what we call Meirez Sky and we love it and who it's named after. It lets us know that the next day and into the week will be calm and stress free.

2. This Moment.

The duplex across the street has a new tenant and their kitty comes to visit Eleven. We've named him "Jack."

3. This Cleaner.

Little ants are an issue here during the end of spring and first of the summer months. We would think we got them under control and the following day they would return. That was until I found a solution. These multi-surface cleaners are the best thing that I've found that safe, nontoxic, and actually keeps the ants at bay. I spray it on the counters, around the windowsills, and along the doorways and baseboards. It really does more than what it states on the bottle. You can pick up a bundle here.

4. These Pens.

Other than my Micron Pens I've taken a real liking to these Emott fine points. They are perfect for my nightly affirmations journaling. My Micron pens come in black multipoint, but these uni-balls come in multicolored fine points.

5. These Edibles.

Giving these edibles a go this month. Most of these edibles I post on my blog here are made in Oregon and are local. It's amazing how much hemp, CBD, or THC products are made in this state. I'm curious about how these are going to work for me. Hopefully, they give me the same benefit as the last ones.

Our next episode on the podcast came out yesterday, too. It's about Samuel Mason the river pirate. Check it out here.
Positive affirmations this week:

Have a nice weekend.

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