Wildfires of 2020 aftermath

With this past summer of wildfires, it's been an extremely stressful time here on the west coast. Loss of life above everything has been hard to hear as the cleanup from the wildfires has been happening here. Wildfire damage and loss of property is one thing, but people losing their life is on a whole new level of devastation. Oregon was literally caught off guard with these fires and the control of the fires was just not there. The winds didn't help and the fire crews literally just couldn't get ahead of the flames. We took a drive through the hardest hit areas near us and it was just heartbreaking. We had plans to buy a cabin in Detroit, Oregon, at one time, and something just told us not to do it. Oddly enough, the cabin we were going to buy was part of the loss in Detroit. That still bothers me. Someone did buy that cabin and those someone's lost it. And, every single one around it is gone, too. There really aren't any words to describe how overwhelmingly scary these past few months have been. I've had to call an ambulance once for everything happening lately. It's just too much. My anxiety has been over the top lately and the recent ambulance call I honestly thought my heart was going to stop. But, me aside, this year has been so hard on everyone around here and thinking positively only goes so far. I am really hoping things get better soon. Here's a look at some of the places around here that have changed since the wildfires.

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