Five Simple Things (October 9)


We are finally in the clear with wildfires here, and the shift now seems to be leaning towards people struggling because of the pandemic. I feel sorry for the people that were struggling before and lost their house and cars in the wildfires. There is talk of a stimulus headed everyone's way here, so I hope that it is enough to help some of these people that desperately need it. We ended up draining our pool completely this week and we scrubbed it clean of all the ash and debris. We are leaving it for now to dry out before taking it down completely. It's a real shame that the ash tore the pump up and if we had known that was going to happen we definitely would have turned the pump off, or at least attempted to cover the pool during this time. But, it's okay. We are going to look into getting a new pump and possibly get a new pool. We haven't decided yet. Here are five things this week.

1. This Ice Cream.

We recently purchased an ice cream maker and have experimented with a lot of different flavors. We made strawberry and it was amazing! Our next flavor is going to mint chocolate chip.

2. This Doggy.

We've been enjoying the snuggles behind this little guy lately.

3. This View.

Because it's comforting in the early morning when I wake up.

4. This Sign.

Because clearly the tuna are biting.

5. These Items.

These items came in my Mighty Nest shipment this month and you can get in on this action by entering this invite code FREEFIX-QLJ3PEAR in the "Promo Code" box at Checkout to save on on your first month. Your first shipment of Mighty Nest will be the Keep Leaf Bags on the right side. You're going to love it!

We also got a view of the moon and mars near each other on the night of October 3, 2020. I have always been in love with the night sky. Since getting a telescope it's made the night sky even more amazing.

Positive affirmations this week: 

Six things to never apologize for:
  1. Your feelings/thoughts/beliefs.
  2. Your body's shape and form.
  3. You boundaries and saying "no."
  4. Being and imperfect human being.
  5. Needing and asking for help.
  6. Not knowing everything and not having an answer.
Have a nice weekend.

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