Five Simple Things (October 2)


Things are clearing up here with the smoke and ash, unfortunately all of the ash falling in our pool ended up tearing up the ceramics inside the pump and breaking the pump. We are going to clean the pool up and possibly get a new pump next year, but right now it sits with ash and debris in the water. We are so looking forward to a more mellow autumn season and a little less stressful. We celebrated Skylar's seventeenth birthday on September 30. He has made Jeff and I so proud lately and we couldn't be more happy with the person he is becoming. He passed his driving test and now has a permit. There's been a lot going on with him lately that has just made us honored to be his parents. I also read that President Trump and the first lady tested positive for Coronavirus. Not sure if that's the truth, or just something made up to convince people that it's not a hoax. Everything in the government is bizarre right now. People are acting so odd currently and it could be the stress of the year, but I don't know. On our own front, here are five things this week.

1. This House.

We closed down our Little Free Library because of the Coronavirus pandemic and this week we decided to sanitize it and clean it to get it ready to reopen possibly before the end of the year.

2. This Doggy.

Hardy has been getting spoiled and being able to be in the house more since the wildfires. He has taken full advantage, too.

3. This Loss.

Clearly, even in a pandemic this guy isn't good at Fantasy Football. Poor guy was even in high heels. ☺

4. This Wash.

Had to take my car through the car wash this week just to get all of the ash off of it. I was afraid it would mess the paint up, so just getting it cleaned made me feel a bit better.

5. These Plums.

Picked up some plums at the local food co-op this week and I'm going to try and bake some plum scones with them this weekend. If we don't eat them all beforehand.☺

We also got a light glimpse of the Northern Lights here in Oregon on September 29.
Positive affirmations this month: 

Have a nice weekend.

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