Five Simple Things (August 28)


Happy birthday to me this week, today actually. It's an unusual birthday, but an unusual year to go along with that. We have some serious wildfires here right now. As I stated last week, it's bad. Not just bad, but scary to the point I'm not sleeping, bad. The fires are burning so intense and so fast that wildland officials and those on the ground can't seem to get ahead of them yet. The sky here has taken on an eerie orange glow and Skylar and I have been running the water sprinkler nonstop around the yard, just in case. Ash has been falling on our car and in our pool. The Neals Hill Fire that was the start of the wildfire season was contained this week, so there's at least one down. These firefighters and wildland firefighters have been working so hard on these this year. It's just a bizarre year and everything is so dry here. Of course, there's so much misinformation going around right now and living in the middle of all of this, all of it is disgusting. People piling more stress on top of an already stressful situation is ridiculous. I will never understand why people want to create more problems instead of solutions. I tell Skylar all of the time, create solutions, not more problems, and every problem DOES have a solution. I am currently collecting all of our pictures and videos throughout these few weeks and will post a blog post soon of the wildfire season here and how bad it's gotten. For now, here are five things this week.

I have to add a few extra pictures in here for my birthday. I turned 43 this year and baked a cake for myself. Also, Twitter is always so prompt and efficient with their on-screen birthday balloons, so I must give them credit for that. As well as, Ikea. This is the first year I've been part of the Ikea family, so getting a birthday postcard was a nice surprise. The cake had white icing on it and candles by my favorite candle makers, Big Dipper Wax Works. I didn't get a finished pictures because we cut into it before I remembered. It was a good day! -on with the post...

1. This Gift.

After being at Selmet for over 20 years now Jeff got a nice 20 year gift from the company; this watch and a nice bonus. Although, Selmet is owned by a new company now, they still honored the tradition. And, Jeff was one of the last to receive this traditional piece. Makes employees feel like more than just a number at a company. We have to thank Selmet for so much. They've literally made Jeff feel like someone important and throughout the years Jeff has gained so much knowledge in the aerospace field.

2. This Tent.

Before the skies go too smoky and range this week Skylar and I set up the tent and camped out a few nights in a row. It was a nice way to "kind of " end the summer before all of the smoke and orange skies took over.

3. This Sky.

The smoky and orange to the ski started happening this week. It's tolerable still and this isn't the first time we've had smoky skies. A few years ago when California had bad fires we got a lot of their smoke up north, but this year we have our own fires, so it's a bit heavier than what I've seen in the past.

4. This Sky.

Before the smoke came in completely, we did enjoy some clear, blue skies. I just hope this smoke clears out soon. It is hard to breathe at times.

5. This Sign.

We've been gathering and selling our duck eggs lately. We didn't realize how many they would be laying and we started getting way more than we needed. Some of their eggs have a pretty greenish/blue tint to them and they are so pretty I hate to see them go sometimes.

This week on August 25 I received these flowers from my family in Arkansas. They were unexpected because the lady from the flower shop delivered them herself. It was very sweet of them to send them to me. I think they look great as the centerpiece to the table right now and from my room, I can see them, too.

Positive affirmations this week: "What are some things you have quit doing this year?"
Well, one thing I stopped doing was always trying to be perfect. Perfection is not achievable and anyone that tells you otherwise is living in a dream world. But, some things I stopped doing this year are:
1. Trying to please everyone. (Just impossible. I used to be a people pleaser and look for validation from others. What a waste of time)
2. Being fearful of change. (I'm not so much afraid of change as I am afraid of failure and that is still something I am working on)
3. Overthinking and living in the past. (This has more to do with drama, than trauma. Trauma coping from experiences from the past are always going to follow me, but thinking about what someone said to you a month ago, or even more, and still being upset over it, let it go. I feel sorry for people that have to tear others down to feel better. What a sad life)
4. Being afraid to be different. (Originality is amazing. Embrace it. Who cares what other people think)
5. Thinking there's no purpose to you. (There is. Everyone is here for a reason whether someone else tells you otherwise, or not)
6. Sacrificing your happiness for someone else. (It's not worth it. Never is. Never will be. Some people are takers. They take, take, take, until you're broken and lost. Don't sacrifice for someone if you aren't happy)
7. Thinking you aren't good enough. (Everyone is good enough. Period. What they chose to do with that is up to them)
8. Spending money you don't have. (Spend smart. And, don't spend on people to impress them. Spend it on yourself over those people. I've wasted so much money thinking I could get validation from people through gifts. Sad, really. But, I grew and learned and now focusing more on my own home than my relationships with others that don't make an effort anyway)
9. Giving up selfcare. (Selfcare is just as important as healthcare. You have to have time for yourself, and take care of yourself. Mentally and physically. Always put you first)
10. Getting upset over how someone else sees you. (To put it bluntly, fuck that. People are always going to find a way to create a negative with you. Ignore it. Only thing you can do to make that cycle end is to not do that to other people. No matter who it is)

Have a nice weekend.

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